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Are Hybrid Electric Vehicles The Answer To The Out Of Control Fuel Prices? - Articles Surfing

Major car manufacturers have made claims that the hybrids are the vehicles of the future. This is due to the demand that people are now making as a way of negotiating the overpriced gas prices that have risen steadily over the past few years. The hybrid vehicle is certainly the solution that many people have been searching for.

Gas prices have increased so dramatically over the recent years that many people are using public vehicles as way of going about their everyday lives instead of using their cars. So are hybrid electric vehicles the answer?

It appears so as since the launch of hybrid vehicles and promise of cost savings the sales for many hybrid cars were much higher than expected. It is fully understandable that many people have keenly awaited the launch of the hybrid automobiles on the car market.

It's time to discuss the technical aspects of the hybrid. Such vehicles are generally referred by that name if they run on joint power. Which is currently petrol and electricity which is stored in large capacity batteries.

The reason why hybrid cars save fuel is because the car is not permanently running on petrol. There are time when the car is powered by the electricity from the batteries. This is the reason why the consumption of gasoline is dramatically lowered thus reducing the petrol bills of the owner.

Over the years the technology that is involved in making a hybrid cars is constant evolving which is helping the manufactures make significant strides in modifying and making continuous improvements.

Hybrid vehicles use a rechargeable energy storage system that is also referred to as RESS which comes with a propeller that supplies the fueled propulsion power that drives the car. Other countries refer to the hybrid automobile as a petroleum electric hybrid which also goes by the name of hybrid electric vehicle that use petrol to help provide the cars internal combustion engines, technical term being ICEs and the electric batters provide the requirement to power the electrical motors.

The major car companies from all over the world are currently in tight race to produce hybrid cars on a large scale. They seem to believe that hybrid electric vehicles the answer to many commuters large gasoline bills. The competition is getting so stiff that these types of cars are becoming more intensely marketed with the cars becoming more stylish.

Opportunities do really come in time of crises so giant car makers are rushing to each offer the consumers their own hybrid car versions and models and at the same time, underpin rising demand for such cars, equating logically to higher sales and company revenues.

Japan's Honda and Toyota corps are definitely market leaders in the race to control the hybrid car market not only in Japan but in US and many other countries from around the world. The price increase of petrol is playing a key part but also people are becoming more aware of the environment issues that arise from driving a regular vehicle on a daily basis.

Other car manufacturers follow suit, and it is expected that in the next couple of years, more and more hybrid vehicles are to be unveiled in the market by the two car makers and their aggressive competitors.

No wonder, because hybrid vehicles are tagged not only as oil and cost-saving cars but also as environment-friendly vehicles. Yes, you read it right.

Because hybrid vehicles have reduced gasoline consumption, it follows that smoke and greenhouse gas emissions are also significantly reduced.

Buying a hybrid vehicle is like killing two birds with one stone. Now only will you be saving on oil and gasoline costs but you will also be playing your part in saving the environment by cutting down on gas emissions that are having a very negative affect on the earths atmosphere.

Submitted by:

Willy Mason

Willy Mason from http://electricalandhybridcars.net has put together a great resources that helps to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars. You can get this now for free by visiting http://www.electricandhybridcars.net/



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