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As Fuel Bills Get Larger, Vehicles Get Smaller, And Traffic Signals Fail More Often - Articles Surfing

You've likely heard one of those chaos theory statements such as "If a pigeon lands on a statue in Trafalgar Square, and at the same time a tree falls in Yellowstone Park, then it will rain on Mount Kilimanjaro." Baffling, isn't it? Well, such is the nature of chaos theory. But higher prices for fuel at the pump are absolutely causing more and more people to sit at traffic lights that won't change for them. It's a very direct cause and effect issue * not at all chaos theory.

Unfortunately, people not being able to trigger traffic lights to cycle to green has the effect of causing more gasoline to be consumed/wasted. This raises the demand for fuel, which as we have seen, causes the prices to go up even further. It's an unattractive loop, to be sure. And let's not forget about the many other negative aspects of getting stuck at traffic signals that won't change such as irritation; excessive engine temperatures and overheating; frustration; additional green house gas emissions; excessive engine wear; carbon build-up, and so on.

Let's take a look at how high gas prices are affecting traffic signals. When regular unleaded gas hit $3 per gallon, with spikes as high as $4 in places around the USA, people started buying smaller means of transportation. Motorcycles, mopeds, small cars, and small trucks, with their miserly fuel behaviors, became much more desirable, and much more common on the streets and highways. It's a logical occurrence. If you own a vehicle that gets 15 miles per gallon, and you trade for one that gets just 18 miles per gallon, you stand to save hundreds of dollars a year on gas spending.

One of the reasons that smaller cars and trucks are so much more fuel efficient is that they use lightweight, high-tech alloys, plastics, and rubbers to construct them. There is no argument that new materials and construction techniques make today's vehicles eminently better than those of the past * and certainly more fuel efficient. However, the lack of (1)iron in these modern marvels of transportation makes it a real problem to trigger traffic lights. It's not the lower weight of these vehicles, it's actually the lack of iron. This makes it easy to see why motorcyclists, bicyclists, and moped riders have always had difficulty when it comes to triggering green lights. But let me explain further*

Since early in the 1960's, the overwhelming majority of the controlled traffic signals in the United States are regulated by very large, very weak electromagnets. Electromagnets that are used to sense iron, instead of lift it, are called "inductive loops." These loops most often appear at controlled intersections as large rectangles (outlined in black) in the road.

Inductive loops, like all magnets, detect iron - not aluminum, rubber, plastic, weight, mass, titanium, etc. Small cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and mopeds, rarely have enough iron close enough to the ground to cause the inductive loop to detect their presence at the intersection * ergo, the light does not trip. Now for the solution to the problem.

Each Signal Sorcerer* traffic light changer (available at www.signalsorcerer.com) generates and directs a very powerful field that causes the traffic signal controlling inductive loops to detect the vehicle it's attached to, and initiate a signal cycle change. Signal Sorcerer* traffic light changers have been a must-have motorcycle and moped accessory around the world for years, but now that so many small cars and trucks are on the road, they are becoming the new 'must-have' accessory for four-wheeled vehicles.

Signal Sorcerer* traffic light changers install in about two minutes, and require no special tools. Everything needed comes with the each traffic light changer. No electricity, no wiring, no maintenance, a lifetime of service, legal everywhere, EPA compliant, DOT compliant, and the internationally famous Iron Horseman Technologies guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

(1) Iron: ferrite, chemical symbol Fe * used in the making of steels. Ferrite used to be a primary component of steels, but now, with newer, more efficient and stronger materials available, ferrite is rather rare.

Signal Sorcerer* is a registered trademark of Iron Horseman Technologies.

Iron Horseman Technologies* is the registered trademark of Iron Horseman Technologies.

Submitted by:

Eric Scribener

Eric Scribener is a 30-year veteran freelance writer and photographer currently on assignment for http://www.dotcomtucson.com/ - putting Tucson Arizona in the palm of your hand.



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