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Invest in a Car Registration Number * The Perfect Asset for Motor Fans - Articles Surfing

We*ve all seen those quirky stories in the Sunday papers reporting on niche areas to invest our money. Be it property, stocks or even wine, everyone has their own ideas on the best way to save for the future. With the possibility of later retirement ages and problems with our pensions, now is the time to act to give ourselves a more secure outlook.

It is always an interesting dinner story telling people how you have bought property in the new *up and coming* area or invested in a few cases of the finest Bordeaux with the idea to sell them on in 20 years. Granted both of these investments can reap good returns but they are associated with high risks and uncertainty. The smart money these days looks to diversify away from the crowds and is always open to new ideas.

If you are looking for a fresh investment idea why not consider an asset that can be used everyday. One that is maintenance free, easily displayed AND has a proven track record of returns. These assets surround us and smart investors are beginning to realise the potential in them. You may be surprised but number plates ( http://www.capeplates.co.uk/ )are rapidly becoming a must have addition to any investment portfolio.

Now when you hear the words private number plate you will fall into one of two categories, you either love them or loathe them. Scepticism aside however, car registrations are the ONLY aspects of motoring that will increase in value over time and are associated with medium to low risks.

So what number plates make good investments? The key is to invest in something that has good resale potential and to purchase plates that unquestionably *say* or *mean* something. A great example of this is MOD 31S, a suffix registration number that reads MODELS, and is ideal for resale to a model agency or model shop. Surname registration plates are also a wise investment with popular names giving great returns.

Another prime example of investment numbers are short, dateless numbers such as B7 (over 100 years old) JB 2, MS 33 etc. Dateless registrations with the letters first, then numbers are more valuable, and the shorter the registration or more popular the initials the better. Dateless number plates with numbers first are not as old as ones with letters first and are generally less expensive and desirable. Number *1* plates are also highly sort after. As with any outlay, the key to maximising your returns is found in the purchase price. Buying cheap will increase your profit when it comes to cashing in your investment but always remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are purchasing number plates purely for investment it is best to avoid prefix style initial plates such as G12 DBM and current style registrations such as MC02 MJC. Although pleasant looking and meaningful to specific people, these registration numbers are poor investments as there are many alternatives available. It is also advisable to avoid ones with poor initials such as U, X or Z. These registrations can be found incredibly cheaply however the rarity of people with these initials could mean that you will find it hard to cash in your investment in the future. Popular initials such as R, B, J, S and P are always worth looking out for but command a higher initial investment.

Remember, many landlords wouldn*t dream of living in their buy to let properties in the latest *up and coming* area but it doesn*t stop them investing. Investments don*t have to reflect our individual taste or interests, so long as they provide great returns on the initial outlay. Even if you are not a fan of number plates, or even motoring for that matter, you can still invest in number plates today and reap the rewards in years to come.

Submitted by:

Ross O'Donnell

Ross O*Donnell is a co-founder of Cape Plates and is passionate about number plates and dateless registrations. The website ( http://www.capeplates.co.uk/private_number_plates/ ) offers access to millions of personal car registrations and a free valuation and selling service.



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