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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Phone Recorder - Articles Surfing

It used to be that phone recording systems could only be afforded by large corporations and calls centers. However new phone recorders integrated into everyday PCs have dropped costs and made everyday use easy. Now even small businesses realize the absolute necessity of using a phone recorder to get the following five critical benefits:

1. Reduce your vulnerability to lawsuits: This is the number one reason why most businesses purchase a telephone recorder. It allows them to easily resolve disputes and protect themselves with recorded evidence. A telephone recorder easily resolves disputes by providing an impartial record. In most instances if these recordings are done properly they may be admissible as evidence in court. However, the existence alone of such recordings is often enough to stop a lawsuit from even being filed. An example of this comes from a towing company in Massachusetts that uses a Versadial telephone recorder to record all incoming orders. A customer called in and gave directions for a towing job. However the customer gave the wrong directions and the towing company was unable to find them. The customer was irate and threatened a lawsuit. The towing company opened their telephone recording software, reviewed the call in question and sent the customer's lawyer a copy of the recording. The lawsuit was immediately dropped. How many lawsuits could your company diffused by simply installing a telephone recorder and using the telephone recording software?

2. Reduce costs and increase satisfaction by reducing errors and forgotten details: This is the first benefit most people think of when thinking of telephone recorders. By recording calls, errors can be detected and often corrected before they become costly mistakes. An employee on a call might mistype customer information, or enter an order for the wrong product color or quantity. However, by routinely verifying their own call recordings before shipping this information could be confirmed or corrected saving considerable money. Not only this, but customer satisfaction is improved. Rather than having to bother the customer, the recording can be reviewed and the mistake corrected without the customer even knowing. Supervisors can also use the telephone recording software to routinely check calls to make sure proper dialogs are being used and offers made. The results are superior quality, lower cost and increased customer satisfaction.

3. Automatic security and deterrent: The simple presence of a telephone recorder on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate employee calls. Such security breaches or inappropriate calls can be detected with the telephone recording software and then used to either address the problem with the employee or if necessary to act as evidence.

4. Easier and more effective training: Training and performance reviews are made easier when call recordings are easily available to trainers and managers. Trainers can use the telephone recording software to search and find calls that exemplify excellent customer service or salesmanship. These can be easily emailed to other reps as an example or played in a training meeting. Likewise, poor quality calls can be found by managers and sent to the employees that made them to allow them to learn from their mistakes and improve. Bette P. of PRco. Inc. uses a Versadial telephone recorder to allow her customer service staff to review their own calls and know how they come across to customers. This has made it easy for employees to improve their own performance.

5. Invaluable data to improve sales: A telephone recorder gives your sales and marketing departments valuable data that will help them discover exactly what sales techniques or marketing campaigns are working and more importantly, why they are working. A sales manager can use the telephone recording software to review calls that resulted in successful sales and glean ways to improve the sales dialogs for the entire sales staff. A marketing manager can listen to the same calls and discover what offers are working best, or the reasons customers give for not taking those offers. This helps the marketing department choose the most successful offers and create better offers in the future.

Submitted by:

Jonathan Ames

Jonathan Ames is the marketing director at Versadial, the first company to create a phone recorder that could be installed in a Windows based PC, as well as the first to allow live monitoring on a PDA. Watch an online telephone recording movie at http://www.versadial.com/call_recording_software.html



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