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Finding A Treasure In Amish Dining Room Tables - Articles Surfing

Think of dining room tables and let your imagination wander. Perhaps you picture a piece of fine furniture, glistening after being freshly polished, with a straw basket of colorful fruit in its center or a small display of fresh yellow and white daisies in a white ceramic vase*..exquisite in their simplicity. Your mind's eye may notice the warmth of the wood, the beauty of nature's gifts, and the comfort they impart. Or even better, imagine the closeness and joy of a family gathering, your loved ones near, with everyone gathered at a large Amish dining room table. Smell the warm bread, the sweet aromas of your loved ones* favorite dishes, and smile softly to yourself as you think of all that is good about this scene. Think of caring conversation, of children delightfully telling their own tales, and of adult laughter and enjoyment at being together in one place. If these images are appealing, perhaps it is time to consider adding that special table to your home, one that can serve you and those near to you for years to come.

Nothing is more precious to us in these hurried and hectic times than to experience a family gathering filled with love and peace and comfort. The Amish, long known for their belief in the importance of family, actually craft dining room tables to seat up to 22 family and friends. Because of their own emphasis on the importance of family and community, they decided to make beautiful tables large enough to accommodate many family members, up to 19 feet in length. It is their hope that large families, as well as people in community settings, will be able to eat and sit together comfortably around a beautiful piece of furniture. These hardworking, quiet people seek to help us all have a chance to sit together and reconnect and share food and conversation with those we cherish. Who can understand the importance of family better than the Amish crafters, who labor diligently within their own community, surrounded by their own large families. Smaller tables can result in people being separated, able to see and chat comfortably with only a few of those present at a family gathering. Larger tables afford us a chance to glance at everyone, and to hear many more as they speak. For those remarks that are too soft to hear clearly, we can at least see the expression on everyone's faces and take note of their happiness throughout the meal.

The skilled craftsmanship of the Amish is evident in all they do. They design and create with quality and longevity in mind, making furniture that is meant to last over many lifetimes. An Amish dining room table is a piece of furniture that can be passed from generation to generation. The average American home is gradually growing larger and larger, and now includes more than 2300 square feet. This increase in size makes it even easier for us to include a large, family-accommodating piece of furniture in our home.

Surely, there is no better place for a large family to gather than around a beautiful table, laden with good food, the air dancing with pleasant conversation and unique remarks. Offering such possibilities to your loved ones reflects your own caring and thoughtfulness, made possible by Amish workers in their own remote communities. Just as the table is lovingly crafted to be a treasured piece of furniture, so does it promote positive family experiences as a result of its use. Somehow, gathering together for meals have tended to slip away in the average American's life, being replaced with meals at different times and grabbing food while racing to another appointment. Owning a large Amish dining room table is more than a statement about purchasing quality furniture; it is a commitment to encouraging family life and all the richness it has to offer each of us.

The Amish have held to their own values, including many who still do not use phones or electricity. For many of us who are more involved in the technical revolution, the modern world has left us with mixed blessings. Sometimes we get so caught up in speed and instant messages that we sometimes miss the richness of quiet moments. On the other hand, through the miracle of the Internet, we now are able to easily link the Amish community to the wider community. We need not travel to remote areas to find the finest in family-friendly furniture; we have only to use our fingertips on our computer and a virtual visit is made possible. How fortunate to be able to use technology to promote the joy of gathering our family and friends close. In this way, we can allow technology to be an ally, rather than permitting it to slowly undermine the basic values of family.

When attempting to envision tables and happy memories, many people are drawn to images created by Norman Rockwell, the family gathered together in joy and thankfulness. You will notice in such pictures there are frequently several people at the table, sometimes dressed in different types of clothing as if to depict a more extended group of family and friends. The details in these renditions of family gatherings are painted with the same care and concern that goes into crafting an Amish dining room table. Purchasing such a piece of quality furniture can put you on the road to creating your own look-alike family scene, but this time with your family's faces seated around a food-laden table. And your memory will be more than a picture, it will be complete with smells and sounds and words spoken by those you call by name and hold dear.

Yes, Amish dining room tables are surely a treasure, and they can allow you to experience an even greater treasure*sharing special meals with your own family and friends.

Submitted by:

P. A. Davis

Written by PA Davis sponsored by http://www.amishtables.com/ . Amish Tables sells American-made, heirloom quality Dining Room Tables: http://www.amishtables.com/ and chairs. Please link to this site when using this article.



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