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Finding The Right Network Marketing "MLM" Company And 10 Step Goal Setting Process - Articles Surfing

Network Marketing "MLM" 10 Step Goal Setting Process!

Let's get down to it. You are either looking, just joined, currently with a Network Marketing "MLM" Company and you don't have a clue what to do next to experience success in Network Marketing or MLM. Let me say, I've been there and millions of other networkers have been there. I want to share with you my experiences in finding the right Network Marketing company and the 10 Step Goal Setting Process I share with all those in my group.

If you are going to experience long-term success in this career with Network Marketing, you are going to have to get, and stay, MOTIVATED. You are also gong to have to do the same for your organization.

Two motivational factors are in place in this business as in any business. These two factors are Fear and Greed. The fear of losing a large amount of income is very real. The investment in the new business and start-up capital is very real, this could possibly be money they cannot afford to lose. The fear of loss outweighs the fear of gain for the majority of the people. There is also the potential of enormous income, the greed factor at work here. People see and hear about big checks that the top people in Network Marketing are making, and they imagine how life-changing it would be if they could even come close to those income levels.

How do I know this? Because this same thing has happened to me! I've experienced it as many other people have also experienced it!

Advice I can give to you is if you are experiencing the same outcome as you have in the past with your current company, you're putting a lot of time, money, and emotion into the opportunity without getting a reasonable return on your investment, STOP and evaluate your activities. Seek the advise of someone who will give you an honest assessment of your situation. The problem most like might not be a combination of things including the company you are with, are they an old company or a start up (less than 2 years old)? Are the products truly unique to where there is now competition? Does the compensation plan pay fair for all people, the beginners to the top leaders, meaning does a person starting out can they realistically make a more than $1,000 a month? Does the plan really support this? For the big leaders, can the big leaders see they can make the $100,000 plus per month? Is the team you're on support you in every way possible to help you grow your business? You see, these are all things you need to consider and get answers to ensure the opportunity is going to be a good fit for you and that you can see yourself having success with, something you can truly believe in.

Once you've found that company the first thing you must do is set goals. Personal goals will keep you motivated and active. They will help you focus your energy toward your success. If you surveyed of all the top money earners and asked them if they wrote their goals down when they started out in MLM, you will get a definite "YES" from 100% of these people. Ask those that have not reach this level the same questions, 90% will say "NO". You will find once you've written these goals down and put them in a place where you can read them every day, I like to tell people to tape them to my bathroom mirror it's the first place they usually go when they get up in morning and read these goals every day.

Let's get down to the "brick and mortar" on how to set goals. Here is a simple "10 Step Goal Setting Process" you should follow:

1. Decide to Succeed Right Now! Make a firm commitment, no backing out! Have you failed in the past? It doesn't matter, what really matters is what you do from this point forward.

2. Believe You Will Succeed! Identify yourself as a 10! Start this new beginning with a 100% belief. Imagine if Thomas Edision, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville Wright and Albert Einstein didn't have this 100% belief, where would they be at?

3. Commit you goals to writing. Write all (everyone one of them down) small goals to BIG goals. Begin a journal, it's a part of the legacy you'll leave behind.

4. Determine the benefits of achieving your goals. Why are they important? Is it Financial Security at Retirement? Is it Children's College Education? Is it a New Home? A Trust Fund? Help your parents in their older years? Or maybe you'd like to give more to charities? Whatever the main reason is determine and write the "WHY" you want to achieve these goals.

5. Determine where you are at right now. Are you just starting out? Are you currently in a business right now, what is your volume right now? What kind of growth or no-growth are you having? What systems do you have to help you grow? It doesn't matter where you start as long as you start!

6. Set a deadline for achieving your goals. Date every goal you have, even the small ones. You must to this, this will put pressure on yourself to reach even these small goals.

7. Determine in advance what obstacles you are likely to face. Will you face rejection? If so, how will you overcome it? Do you need better marketing pillars, more than one way to market besides your warm market? Is your current company fading in the marketplace and you need to look for a new one?

8. Identify the skill, tolls, knowledge and refinements you'll need to reach your goals. Is your belief low? How will you increase it? Do you need to be a better recruiter? Need better retention in your group? Do you need better leadership skills? Better marketing systems? Better at getting a referral? Better follow up system?

9. Determine how you're going to acquire those skills. What resources, talent, and help do you need? What additional training and coaching do you need?

10. Make a personal commitment to persist regardless of the obstacles you may face. This is a do or die!

One last note, there are no Lone Rangers in MLM. It's critical that you're on a team that will hold your feet to the fire regarding your goals. Are you on such a team?

Upward and Onward!

Dale Hammerschmidt
MLM Trainer, Coach, and Top Recruiter

Submitted by:

Dale Hammerschmidt

Dale Hammerschmidt is a seasoned 16 full time MLM'er, Author and Trainer in MLM. He's found what it takes to be successful in this industry. Dale enjoys mentoring those who wants to succeed in MLM. Sign up for his newsletter at Team Global Paradise Newsletter! and also visit Build Wealth With Waiora and AgariGold!



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