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Are you in sales management for the money? Of course you are - and that's fine but you must not lose sight of what will get you the money you are after. Developing the plan, implementing the plan and monitoring results - while being merely aware that you are making money. Winning starts with a passion for the task at hand. To be an effective leader you must love the challenge of devising and implementing strategic plans.

Money absolutely motivates me. It allows me to live the quality of life that I desire and to provide for my family. I don*t like to think about it, that is I prefer to *know* I am making money. This awareness puts me at ease and allows me to focus my thoughts on the task at hand - driving sales results.

Almost every position I*ve had offered a commission as incentive. I used it as a barometer to help me set goals - that's it. I don*t dwell on the fact that I earn $100 from each sale my team makes. I do dwell on what is necessary to make the sale. I have an awareness that money is being made, but it does not consume my thoughts. Reason being money the great motivator that it is, can be a distraction if you are constantly counting it. How can you focus on providing excellent customer service if every customer represents a dollar sign?

Now don*t get me wrong, counting money is an excellent way to keep score but not during the heart of the battle. When you are on the front lines your mind should be focused on implementing your strategy.

We get emotional about money. Very emotional. How much we are making can cause us to get excited or it can depress us. 100's committed suicide during the stock market crash of 1929. Day traders have lost great sums and went on killing sprees. These people were passionate about one thing - money. The loss of which left them nothing to live for. Others looked at the score and trudged on - focusing on doing those things that would help them succeed.

There are few championship teams that are undefeated. They lose games, sometimes several in a row, yet they make the playoffs, the finals and are victorious. They don*t dwell on the score, they focus on the fundamentals that will help them to succeed. They focus on their passion for the game. As fans we are disappointed in athletes who are focused only on cash, because we want them to love the game.

The passionate driven manager is too busy to worry or get excited about his income - he is devising strategy, reviewing results and coaching sales people. He knows he is doing the right things to get him to his goal so he isn*t worried about income. He's not counting, he's doing.

I recently saw a Mike Tyson fight in which he lost. Being from Brooklyn, I took it personal. I take pride in watching Tyson, despite his legal woes (no one is perfect). However, I was disappointed when in the post fight commentary, Tyson exclaimed *I only did this for the money. I need money for my bills.*

While there is nothing wrong with wanting and needing money, there is something wrong with allowing it to cloud your judgment. There is something wrong with allowing it to take your focus off of the fundamentals that help you achieve your goals.

Mike Tyson should have been focused on his victory in the ring. Planning how to counter his opponents strengths and exploit his weaknesses. Instead he was driven to make money - and this arrested his focus, denying him the ability to train properly and deliver a victory.

The money is there. It will always be there but the passion is what we have to continually cultivate. If there is passion for the task the money will come, because the task will have been done properly. Remember, to be an effective leader you must focus on devising and implementing strategic plans - and the money will follow.

Copyright 2005 - Darryl Gee

Submitted by:

Darryl Gee

Darryl Gee has 18 years of sales and management experience. He shares his entrepreneurial and corporate management expertise on his website http://www.madmanager.com and the madmanager message board at http://www.madmanager.com/forum



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