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How A Little Consistent Work Can Make Any Good Affiliate Program Work? - Articles Surfing

So, how can a little consistent work make any affiliate program work? This is a simple concept that absolutely anyone can grasp. My 13 year old nephew has proven that consistent work can make any affiliate program work. I signed him up for a program, that can be found in my about the author area, and he read the instructions and followed them. A week later he had made $200.

Now I know that most of us are trying to make more than $200 a week, but let's take into consideration that my nephew is only 13 and he has many other priorities. His only goal is to make a little extra cash so he can buy video games, candy, a skateboard, and maybe a bow and arrow set soon. He doesn't have a family to support or bills to pay so he only makes what he needs to feed his hobbies. He would rather be playing video games than promoting his affiliate program.

Now for obvious reasons the account is in my name, but I let him keep all of his earnings. My point is that if a 13 year old can make an affiliate program work, then why do so many grown adults struggle to make anything with affliate programs? There is only one true answer to this question.

For some crazy reason Adults have a lot of trouble following directions. We tend to want to do things our own way and sometimes that is the worst thing we can do. Most every affiliate program comes with a set of directions to make it work. Now the hope is that you will follow these directions and start to see results. Once you see results the hope is that you will expand on these directions and use your creative mind to come up with similar ways to promote your website. This will lead to more profits for everyone involved.

The problem is most of us don't get past the first step of following the directions and training provided to us. There are so many resources from free ebooks to articles that explain exactly how to make any affiliate program work, but we refuse to follow these strategies. We begin to believe that we can do it our own way or that there is some crazy secret. This is just not true.

Think about it this way. If you are an affiliate in one of my programs and you are on my team, then I make money because of what you do and what you make. Now if you don't follow the training that I give you (that lead me to signing you up), then I don't make any money. This is what happens to about 95% of my affiliates, but the 5% that actually follow the training I give them end up making me a lot of money and they also make themselves a lot of money.

You see, I have already done the dirty work and proved that certian methods work with certian programs. Most of which came from the program itself. If someone were to sign up with me and follow my training they will see results, sometimes almost immediately. This is the case with almost anyone that you sign up under in an affiliate program. If they don't have the training someone above them does.

So I ask again, why is it so hard for adults to make money with affiliate programs? The answer, they don't follow directions well.

Submitted by:

Benjamin Ehinger

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