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Loading Film On School Laminators - Articles Surfing

Using a school laminator is pretty simple, but loading the film so you can use the laminator can be somewhat tricky. The most popular reason for laminator repair calls is improperly loaded film. Service calls can be costly, so learning to load film correctly is important. Incorrectly loaded film can deposits film on the rollers and if you are not careful can ruin your machine. If adhesive gets on the rollers, the machine will not work until the film residue is cleaned off. Four common ways to end up with glue on your rollers include:

* Laminating when only one roll has been loaded on the laminator

* Trying to use two mismatched widths of film together

* Loading film upside down so that the adhesive faces the roller (Keep in mind that the shiny side of the laminating film faces the rollers, and the adhesive side faces out.)

* One roll of film runs out while the other one continues to run.

Replace both rolls of laminating film at once using the following steps.

1) Turn the main power switch on. If your machine is already hot, turn it off and let it cool before continuing.

2) Look at both rolls of laminate that are mounted on the laminator by removing the feed table.

3) Find what is left of the top and bottom film webs (by looking between the heated rollers and the supply rolls) and cut them. Pay attention so that you don*t accidentally cut the rollers, as this can damage them.

4) Lift the shield into an upright position and pull down the top piece of film.

5) Take the film out of the laminator. You can do this by running the machine slowly backward. Pay attention as you do this so that you don*t accidentally touch the adhesive to the rollers and make a mess. To do this, you may have to put the feed table back in place. Be sure to remove the feed table when you*re finished removing film.

6) Slide the bottom roll of laminating film to the right to release it from the hexagonal brake hub. Look on the left side of the film supply cylinder and loosen the screw on the left collar. Pull the cylinder out a bit then slide it in to loosen the left core. Pull the cylinder out of the tube entirely to remove the core adapter.

7) Check to be sure the film is properly positioned to unroll the right way, then slide one of the core adapters into the right side of a new film roll. Working from the right, slide the shaft of the film into the tube and the core adapter. Put the remaining core adapter onto the left side's core adapter. Put the retaining collar back where it goes and tighten the screw.

8) Lower the bottom idle bar, then get ready by unrolling two feet of laminating film and pushing the idle bar into position. Lay the laminating film over the bottom of the roll. Put the lower roll of laminating film back in the round hole on the frame and put the left side into the hexagonal brake hub.

9) Repeat steps 6-7 after removing the upper film supply roll. Check to make sure the film unrolls from the bottom after you have loaded it onto the laminator.

10) Unroll about two feet of laminating film and lay it over the upper idle bar and over both of the rollers.

11) Push the feed tray into position under the lower film web currently lying on top of the lower roll of film. Reposition the feed table, positioning the lower film on the tray.

12) Between the laminating film and the feed tray, slide the threading card into place by gently pushing it into the heat roller's nip area. The card is now properly positioned to guide the film rolls into the rollers.

13) After lowering the shield, press RUN. Carefully monitor the threading card to ensure the leading edge is properly taken into the laminating machine. When the threading card comes out the back of the laminating machine, press STOP.

Submitted by:

Jeff McRitchie

Jeff McRitchie is the designer and Director of Marketing for MyBinding.com. He has written over 100 articles on laminators, laminating supplies,binding machines,binding supplies and more.



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