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The Entrepreneurs Tribute

From across America and around the world secretaries are stapling their last report, delivery drivers have placed their last package, sales associates have paid their respects and moved on, and moms are moving away from the jelly stains and into the world of high finance. The fever of entrepreneurialism is striking at the core of that part of humanity that knows there must be more than life than what has been experienced.

So one fearful step follows another as men and women plumb the depths of their own internal hard drive that has somehow believed uniformity and safety are keys to survival in the arms of traditional employment, bit in the end these individuals come away knowing there is a critical error.

Something is wrong, so they take action and leave the 9-5.

Friends and family may feel you�ve given up the �good life� for a lemonade stand, but somehow you know that if you don�t do this you would be denying something profound that directs you from the very core of your being.

Oh, you can be certain there will be moments of self-doubt when you look in the mirror and say, �What have I done?� Those moments are simply pennies of the rail of life; minor hiccups as you continue steaming on toward something that is uniquely you.

Entrepreneurialism is hard work, but there will be an understanding that the hard work is being done because you WANT to do it and not because someone is telling you that you MUST do the work.

Entrepreneurialism is about a growing sense of self-satisfaction in the process of dream fulfillment. It is being willing to risk leaving the safety net of 9-5 for the unfamiliar, unknown and untamed.

It is hard for those we know and love to perceive what we are doing as anything other than reckless endangerment either to our future and ourselves or to our families and their sense of security. Friends and family may be certain we have abandoned our senses and left good judgment somewhere outside our immediate reach.

The journey of an entrepreneur will be misunderstood, misidentified and misjudged by those who have only known the safety net found in working for another. What is foolhardy to the one is liberation to the other.

History is filled with the scars of those who bore the wounds of those who knew no vision yet persisted to follow their own dream. The scars, it seems, are simply the payment many entrepreneurs must make in the face of opposition from those who have yet to see the bigger picture.

So, to all the entrepreneurs who have ever faced the misunderstandings of those closest to you, yet have prevailed to live a life with both purpose and passion, I thank you. You continue to pave the way brilliantly for a new generation of the world�s bravest and best to follow a path created just for them � in doing so, your legacy becomes tied to something other than a time card.

Submitted by:

Scott Lindsay

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