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The Motivation of Moneymaking

When it comes to the motivation behind seeking a moneymaking idea there is a lot to be considered. For instance, some individuals will seek out opportunity for a variety of reasons not the least of which is greed.

One person might look to make extra money as a means of paying down debt or building savings and investments up. Another might seek out opportunity as a means of involving family members in a business that keep them together. I have even known some who grab a hold of a moneymaking idea and use the proceeds to help others.

For those who choose to emotionally invest in a moneymaking idea it can be beneficial to examine and identify the reasoning behind your interest in the idea.

In a capitalist society it just makes sense that there will be some individuals who will amass a large amount of wealth. Their money is typically reinvested in other businesses that are growing. The role of greed may have a large role in this line of thinking, but the system is devised in such a way that even greed can provide benefit to others.

A person who is motivated by greed will not be overly content with what they presently have. They will seek out additional opportunities and will consistently work to exact the most money from the most promising cash generating ideas.

For the individual interested in paying off debt or building a healthy savings the role of a moneymaking idea is one that may not focus on the big picture of where the business idea could eventually lead, but will focus instead on the smaller achievable goals of a bill paid or gains in their savings or investment accounts. This business owner can be content with smaller gains.

These individuals may also be less interested in developing multiple businesses or even �trading up�. If they find a way to make money they will likely be content to stick with that method until the idea no longer proves financially beneficial.

If you are wanting to see your idea as a potential benefit to your entire family you will likely seek out opportunities where multiple people are needed and that can provide a satisfactory income for all. For close-knit families this can be a perfect idea that incorporates multiple goals. I�ve seen this done successfully with restaurants, farms, small industrial operations and even a bottling plant.

Then there are some that have charities they love that they wish they could give more to. The idea of a part time moneymaking business has the potential to provide this type of individual with incredible personal satisfaction. They know that they will be able to help out more in causes they really support without neglecting personal needs. A sideline business can make this possible for some individuals.

There may not be one specific motivation that is better or worse than another, but understanding your motivation may help you come to terms with the passion and drive represented by your desire for a cash generating business.

Submitted by:

Scott Phelps

Scott L. Phelps is a leading online entrepreneur and owns a successful internet company. You can read more of Scott's articles and learn to Make Money Online and Make Money From Home at MakeMoneyFacts.com. Learn to Get Rich.


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