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If used properly, there may not be a more effective financial option a homeowner can exercise than to take a second mortgage on their property. More and more American consumers have become aware of revolving debt and the implications it can have on them and their loved one * not just now but in the future.

Second mortgages can be used for practically anything, but they are most typically pay for outstanding education expenses, repairs ob your home or property, to procure higher value real estate, and to pay off high interest rate credit cards as well as to consolidate or eliminate other debts.

Naturally, it wouldn*t be fiscally sound to take out a second mortgage if it would not be in your best interest as a homeowner. With so many refinancing, borrowing, and other transaction options available to the modern consumer, when is taking out a second mortgage the right way to go? A second mortgage is a good choice for the homeowner who has a need for a substantial amount of cash and also has sufficient equity in a home.

Essentially, a second mortgage is a second lien against the value of the property, one which is paid back in monthly installments exactly the same as was the case with your first mortgage. Unlike the interest on unsecured loans and credit cards, second mortgage interest is generally tax deductible, and is therefore a viable solution to rid yourself of high interest rates which is often associated with other forms of debt.

An often overlooked nuance of obtaining a second mortgage is the very same due process which was involved in the first. All too often homeowners will take out seconds from the same financial institution used to obtain the initial mortgage. This stands to reason, as the mere thought of mortgaging your home once is overwhelming enough for a surprising amount of individuals who might otherwise benefit from the act to avoid it altogether. A second mortgage, though, is a very important financial decision (just as, if not more important than the first) and should be treated with the same diligence and research as the first. Obtaining information through several lenders or brokers on the second mortgage regarding home mortgages such as; how much can you afford, as well as ascertaining how much of a down payment you will need, and find out all the costs involved in the loan is as vital to the process the second time around as it is the first. Simply seeing the monthly payment or the interest rate on the lien itself is not enough. Knowing information about the same loan amount, loan term, and type of loan will allow you to compare the information from each lender and broker.

Do your homework; get a hold of the current mortgage rates and understand whether the rates are being quoted the lowest for that day or week. Question whether the rate is fixed or adjustable, keeping in mind all the while that interest rates for adjustable-rate loans go up, which will also make the monthly payment go up. If the rate is quoted for an adjustable-rate loan, determine how your rate payment will vary. Again, these factors are as important during the process of obtaining a second mortgage as they are during the first.

You might find that in considering a second mortgage, your financial situation would also lend itself to potentially refinancing a portion or even all of your existing debt. While serving essentially the same purpose as a refinance, a second mortgage can oftentimes be a more efficient and, ultimately inexpensive consolidation option. Of first and foremost concern to most with enough debt to consider a second mortgage on their home to pay off debt, a second mortgage enables you to eliminate high interest debt much more quickly than would be possible with a refinance alone.

The principle advantage of taking a second mortgage is its ability to allow the accomplishment of a specific goal, including but not limited to a reduction in the amount of interest being paid on credit cards (the principle reason homeowners choose a second mortgage as their most effective and efficient consolidation option). If the lien has a shorter pay-off term, the homeowner can look forward to one payment when the second mortgage is paid off. Once the decision is made that the goal is worth the investment, homeowners should shop for the right second mortgage lender, making sure that the one they select is reputable, responsive to their specific needs, and willing to discuss all of the costs up front. Keep in mind that these decisions have serious implications on your credit and foreseeable financial future. If your payments remain regular you'll alleviate most of the interest rates pertaining to the loan and raise your credit rating.

Unfortunately, second mortgages are far from federalized; they vary widely from state to state and private institution to institution. Nearly as important to performing regular due diligence in observing and researching companies which you might do business with in obtaining a second mortgage is to ascertain the nature of state laws which may or may not limit the capabilities and rights you have as a consumer. In some states, for example, second mortgages do not require borrowers to have equity in their home and many new loans are available up to 125% of value of the security in question (of your home). Many consumers have also found these loans useful for paying off their bills, making home improvements, and taking out funds from the loan for personal use. In other areas, such policies are not possible. Ignorance of a state's laws or financial regulations may not be used as an excuse and will not protect you from excessive obligations or pitfalls which may result from problems which arise down the road.

A second mortgage is more often than not the best option available for homeowners with large amounts of unsecured debt. Realizing the nuances of the mortgage process can not only help you to evade some of the problems you may have encountered during acquiring your first mortgage, but use the process to benefit you financially in the long run.

Submitted by:

Gary Carraghan

Gary Carraghan is a successful author and regular contributor to www.super-mortgages.com who provides money-saving tips on mortgages. More of his relevant work may be found at www.super-mortgages.com/Rent-to-Own-Home and www.super-mortgages.com/Residential-Mortgage-Loans where he discusses several viable options for future homeowners.

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