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Diets And Cancer: 3 Reasons Why You Could Be Creating More Cancer Cells To Your Body Everyday

A lot of people believe cancers just happen. Cancers develop if you follow an unhealthy diet full of cancer causing food over a prolonged period of time. Certain food have a lot of cancer promoting substances called carcinogens. In this article, we shall explore 3 common types of carcinogens present in a typical person's diet, what food we should eat and shouldn't eat to prevent cancer.

Acrylamide In Food: Should I Be Worried?

Acrylamide has been used in industries that specialize in the creation of plastic, manufacturing of food packaging and treatment of contaminated water. Unknown to most of us, scientists recently discoverd that acrylamide can be created during high temperature cooking methods like microwaving, frying, roasting and baking. Acrylamide has been attested to cause cancer in animals but no concrete link has been found to indicate this happens in human beings even though acrylamide is extremely unhealthly for our bodies. French fries have been tested to contain the greatest levels of acrylamide, followed by certain brands of potato chips, breakfast cereals, cookies, brewed coffee and toast bread according to the US FDA/CFSAN 2006 Exposure Assessment for Acrylamide.

Sodium Nitrate: Why You Should Avoid It

Sodium nitrate is a standard food additive of processed meat. It is used to prolong the reddish color of meat to make it look more delicious to eat at the expense of your health. During the digestion process of sodium nitrate, nitrosamine is created and this is what promotes the development of cancer cells. Sodium nitrate can be found in processed meat like hot dogs, bacon, ham, bologna, luncheon meat and pepperoni.

Trans Fat: The Worst Fat In The World

Trans fat or trans-fatty acids (TFAs) ranks as the worst kind of fat. The problem with trans fat is because it was transformed from it's vegetable oil form to a semi-solid state through the use of hydrogen. Some companies do this to save money, to improve flavor stability and to extend the shelf life of their products. Our bodies do not readily take in these hydrogenated oils and it takes a lot of extra energy to try to digest it effectively, as a result, sections of it sticks to our arteries if we do not burn it off through exercise. What's worse, trans fat promotes the development of bad cholesterol and reduces the levels of good cholesterol, increasing your risk of heart disease. Trans fat is frequently found in hydrogenated oils, commercially deep-fried food, food with vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated oils and pastries.

Eating To Prevent Cancer

It is ideal for all of us to restrict or eliminate our consumption of processed food that contain the 3 carcinogens above and other unhealthy substances such as salt, sugar, cigarettes and alcohol. However, it is not easy for people to choose to have a healthy body over the enjoyment of good food. The decision is up to you to decide which is more important to you. At the minimum, consume as much organic vegetables, fruit and meat as you can. Having a diet made of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients from raw vegetables and fruit should help you steer clear from cancer. As a general rule, eat what nature intended us to eat and avoid man-made food.

Submitted by:

Natalie Williams

Visit Natalie's site CancerArchive.com for more tips on how to prevent cancer, treat cancer and much more.


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