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Is Cancer Really A Mistake?

Over the years many books have been completed and disciplines created discussing the emotional messages behind our physical symptoms.

What if your symptoms really are telling you something? A new form of alternative emotional diagnostics is testing the beliefs perpetuated by conventional medicine.

There is now a specific science available that maps every physical symptom to an underlying emotional conflict, that is present in our survival programs built into our evolutionary upbringing. This goes further than body metaphor, or emotional guesswork. Each specific physical symptom has already been mapped, and proven by specific CT scans of the brain.

Take eczema. Eczema is in reality a �separation conflict� - the skin is reflecting physically, the emotional sense of something or someone being �torn from the skin.� In our evolutionary forefathers, this is an extremely important conflict as separation from the pack or group could often mean death. As a secondary symptom, severe eczema or psoriasis can often bring with it a short term memory loss. Thinking about it in an animal sense, this has the specific function of helping the animal temporarily forget that the person who is gone, is gone, and therefore helps the creature to resolve the emotional conflict.

In this way, different physical symptoms are telling us different things, all of it intended and built in by Mother Nature; we just have to speak the language.

Every physical symptom has a direct, deliberate and intended meaning from our animal evolution in this way and forms the basis of a new form of diagnosis toolkit used by a specialist band of alternative therapists.

And the same applies to cancers. In fact, in this new mode of thinking, every �dis-ease� *is* a cancer, or a cancer equivalent, as every conflict and repair process contains a cell growth at one stage or another. In many ways cancer is simply a word association we have built up based on the beliefs of conventional medicine, it�s teachers, and Practitioners. Cancer is simply a cell growth, which is the most natural thing in the world and happens in our bodies at every moment of every day.

Imagine a boy who breaks free from his mothers hand in the street and is accidentally knocked down. If the mother takes responsibility for this she will develop a breast cancer carcinoma growth in her left breast (if right handed). Importantly, this has the evolutionary purpose of ensuring an increased supply of milk to nurse the child back to health. When the emotional conflict is resolved, i.e. the child returns to full health, the growth will naturally cease as the additional milk supply is no longer required.

Most �metastases� identified today are in truth a result of secondary conflicts or are �iatrogenic� � doctor caused. Meaning that, the doctor�s delivery of the diagnosis, and/or the patients interpretation of it, can cause additional secondary emotional traumas and conflicts which are completely unrelated to the original breast cancer issue. Nevertheless, these additional traumas can create further physical disease processes in the body.

Fully resolving all aspects of an emotional conflict and all associations to the conflict will cause the program of nature to complete after a full healing has taken place, and provide maximum opportunity for the creature�s survival if it comes across the same conflict again in future.

Submitted by:

Stewart Robertson

Copyright � 2008 Stewart Robertson. Uncover specific emotional meaning of your symptoms in the cause of breast cancer CD; find out what is the emotional cause of your symptoms, or grab the complimentary MP3 tutorial on the causes of cancer, and disease.


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