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To complete the simple TACT formula, your journey will start from "The Beginning", "The Inner Process", to "The Manifestation".

Let's look at the summary and where "The Inner Process" is.

T - Thank you - "The Beginning"

A - Attracting - "The Inner Process"

C - Creating - "The Inner Process"

T - Thank you - "The Manifestation"

After you enjoy and experience the good feeling of step 1 (The Beginning), you are now ready to start step 2 (The Inner Process) of The Secret Law of Attraction using TACT formula.

You must put yourself at the most comfort and relax position.

Now, You start to put a visual to your mind.

The image of the life that you want to be. The happy relationship that you picture in your mind. The color of the house or car or anything that you want to have.
The shine of every good things that you touch and see. The Light of the sun is showering your path with full of joy.

It continues and leads to more.

You will also feel yourself inside the mental image that you have visualize. You feel the smoothness of the sofa that you sit. You smell the freshness of the new house or car or anything that you have imagined.
You embrace the environment that you want in your visualization. Feel it. Magnify the experience 2 times.

Feel it deeply, and release your feeling. Use all your senses not just visual. Magnify it 5 times stronger and stronger. Repeat this as much as you like.

The feeling of abundance is flooding you and flowing to you effortlessly to your life now.
Let it flows and continues to flow. You should be feeling good, because you are visualizing your dream. Enjoy the process.

Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality.

This inner process is always working all the time. Visualization and belief are directly linked.

Once you learn the power that visualization has, you can use it to get anything you want in life. Life doesn't have to be hard. The choice is yours.

Do not look for coincidences in life. Every effect has its cause. Miracle happen all the time - no exception.

Next, Watch out for clues.

You may have heard a joke : "God has prepared everything so that you will not suffer from hunger, but God will not cook for you".

This is the truth. Universe will always say "Your wish is my Command", but you must also do your part.

Pay attention on the clue that come to your face, and immediately jump to it and act on it. We call this inspired action.

You must to it at full speed, on that moment, and do not delay. You may not even know why you should do it, but when you see the clue, and you feel the impulse inside you give you this clue.

Just do it. Do it now. As simple as that.

The Inner Process will bring the result that you want to have.

You need to realize that you will get the result you are supposed to get. It means whatever you are doing right now is bringing you the result that you are getting right now.

Change your Inner Process, you can change your results easily.

Very simple. Part of the simple TACT formula to Unleash The Secret Law of Attraction.

To sum up, You start with deep visualization, then follow with inspired action, and just do it.

Miracle happen ...Again...Again...and Again...

Submitted by:

Suwandi Chow

Suwandi Chow is a Practitioner of The Secret Law of Attraction and the owner of The Science of Getting Rich Wattles. You can instantly download FREE Attraction Accelerator by visiting http://www.scienceofgettingrichwattles.com



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