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Cope With the Cast, The Craziness, And the (Micro Video) Cameras of Reality TV Shows - Articles Surfing

Reality shows pervade the medium of television. You can find a plethora of them - documentaries, social experiments, talent shows, makeover programs, and dating marathons, among others - that you can find a venue to get your 15 minutes of fame (or notoriety, if you want).

You can, however, extend your 15 minutes of fame by learning to cope fabulously with the cast, the craziness, and the cameras. Here is how.

Casting Call and Congeniality

Before putting yourself on the line of fire, ensure that you suit the qualifications required of the reality show. If they want singers, be ready with your vocal prowess. If they want dancers, be ready with your moves. And most importantly, be ready with supreme self-confidence. Remember that even the tiniest micro video cameras can capture your diffidence!

When you enter an audition for a reality show, just be yourself. That might sound too clich' for you but it is true. There will be more than one interview before the final cast is chosen, so establishing who you are from the beginning and following through on the next interviews are crucial.

As to the other hopefuls and the office staff, try to be nice to them. Get to know some of them, if possible. You just never know if micro video cameras are hidden in the ornamental plants, recording every movement all of you make. This is because as soon as you walk through the doors of the company, you are already auditioning!

Since you are also being interviewed with cameras around, you need to be comfortable with them, too. If you are lucky, you have to deal with all types of cameras, from the overt to the covert micro video cameras once chosen.

When you do get lucky and clinch a spot on a reality show, especially a social experiment type, remember to just be yourself again. You do not need to worry about how you portray yourself and how the producers and the directors will portray you. Just react the way you would in similar situations and quit worrying about the cameras, even the covert micro video cameras that might be strewn around the place.

Coping with Craziness

In the first place, you are a little crazy when you auditioned for reality shows. How else would you describe someone willing to put himself under the constant intensity and microscopic scrutiny of 24/7 cameras?

Thus, the craziness once inside the reality show should not be alien to your psyche. Just try to ride the crazy, out-of-this-world situations you will find yourself in, react the way you normally would (or at least, as normally as when you had a normal life without micro video cameras following you around), and just enjoy the whole experience.

Besides, crazy is as crazy does. Why not become the purveyor of craziness? Or stated another way, if you cannot beat them, join them!

Cameras Here, There and Everywhere

A reality show exists because of omnipresent cameras. You can see overt cameras recording your every movement, with some shows going to the extreme of having cameras inside the bathroom! If you have not seen yourself pooping, then a reality show will allow you (and a million others) the benefit (of the doubt)!

As such, try to be as comfortable as you can with cameras. You just never know if there are covert micro video cameras in places you thought were safe from scrutiny! If possible, just forget there are cameras around.

Hopefully, the audience will vote for you and make you the big winner. Who knows if someday you will have your own celebrity reality show or your very own reality spin-off? Indeed, dreams can become reality!

Submitted by:

Nahshon Roberts

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