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Is Re-Gifting Ethical?

Most of the people among us either receive or give at least one re-gift in our lifetime;. The question before us is whether the re-gifting should be avoided or should be carried out as usual.

Many times the original giver of the gift may feel badly once you re-gift the item to someone else. In the situation where the sentiments of the original giver are attached, you should re-think before re-giving the gift. You should consider the feelings of not only the person who gave you the gift, but your feelings as well. It�s possible you may feel badly after you re-gift an item given to you by a close member of the family or friend. You may feel awkward in these situations where the sentiments of family members are attached and you should give re-gifting serious thought or avoid it altogether.

Some precaution when re-gifting:

If you do decide to re-gift some of the duplicate gifts you received during a function or a gift that you know you�ll never use, you should keep in mind several important points:

� It is imperative that you avoid re-gifting the same item to the person who has given you the gift.
� Never re-gift a gift to someone who knows the person who originally gave you the gift.
� Ask yourself if the person who gave you the gift will ever have occasion to visit the home of the person to whom you are giving the gift. If there�s any possibility whatsoever, don�t do it.
� Remove the original wrapping and make sure there are no cards attached to or tucked inside the gift from the original giver. Be sure it is in good condition and carefully remove all traces and hints that the item was already gifted. Then wrap the gift with new paper.
� Never re-gift an item that has obviously been used before.
� Some gifts may be out-of-date and thus should not be re-gifted.
� Do not disclose to the recipient that you are re-gifting.
� Ensure the suitability of the item for use by the person to whom you are giving it. Don�t just give them any gift because you don�t need it or have an extra one.

Re-gifting is Economical:

On occasion you may find that re-gifting is essential for you as you have two or three identical items from different persons. In addition, re-gifting is economical no matter what the item. Instead of the item lying in your drawer, unused, it is going to be beneficial for someone else. This is, of course, if you follow the advice above and make sure the item is suitable to the person to whom you are re-gifting.

Submitted by:

Jeff Kennedy

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