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Mind Your Cell Phone Manners

Cell phone usage is getting out of control. By this I mean the loud, boorish attitude that has seemingly pervaded all of the mobile phone-carrying society. No event is safe from the omnipresent ringing and annoying yakking; not even weddings, funerals, and job interviews. You think I�m kidding? Just ask a lot of salesmen, executives, doctors, lawyers, and practically anybody. They�ll know what I�m talking about.

From avenues to theaters, from classrooms to conference rooms, from restaurants to churches, rude cell phone users are anywhere. They practically forget or totally abandon the most basic of courtesies. I know a lot, and I mean a lot, of businessmen who have quite a few stories to tell about this attitude. My favorite so far is the one about a speaker who was in the middle of a presentation. His cell phone rang and he immediately stopped and answered his phone! This is absolutely flabbergasting, and needs to be stopped right now.

In a recent poll, majority of Americans agree that the worst habit of cell phone users is carrying out loud conversations in public. Furthermore, poor cell phone etiquette is observed by almost everybody at least once a day. But let us be clear on one thing. Cell phones are not the issue here. People are. The sales of cell phones are rising. So are the decibel level and the rudeness. I think it�s the right time to seriously think and proper cell phone manners. Here are some dos and don�ts.

Don�t take a personal call in the middle of a business meeting. This rule also includes meetings with co-workers or subordinates, and job interviews. You�ll be surprised to know how many job applicants flunk this one.

Remember to keep at least 10-feet away from anyone during a cell phone conversation. No one needs to know the intimate details of your life, really. Inform all your callers that you�re talking on a cellular phone, so they�ll know to expect distractions or disconnections. And keep all conversations short and to the point.

Do not hold a phone conversation inside theaters, elevators, libraries, churches, cemeteries, clinics, restaurants, museums, or any other enclosed public spaces. And also, never ever hold an emotional phone conversation while in public. If you really must, use an earpiece in noisy locations, so that you can control the volume of your voice.

Don�t use annoying ring tones that distract others and damage eardrums. There are a lot of better ring tones. Do try to be mature about this. Also, forget about multi-tasking with a mobile phone. Stop making calls while shopping, walking, waiting in line or doing other personal business. Lastly, inform everyone that you�re now adopting improved cell phone etiquette, and ask them to do the same. It�s very important.

Technology and manners can live in harmony together. Just ask the millions of Internet users, who�ve adopted the rules for email etiquette. You can always use the vibrate function, use voicemail, or go to a secluded area before making a call. All it takes is a little bit of consideration.

Submitted by:

Syahrul Azlan Idris

Azlan Irda is the co-founder of AgeComputer.com, your cell phone superstore. Visit our website to find all the cell phones and accessories you�ll ever need.


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