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Would The World Be A Better Place If There Were Rules Against Cigarettes And Zippo Lighters?

We all know smoking is a bad habit. Even smokers know that smoking is a bad habit. They are also aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes not just to themselves but to the people around them. However, most smokers are quite impervious to the feelings of others. You can see them lighting up their cigarettes with their Zippo lighters anywhere that would let them with utter disregard to the people around them. Indeed, there should be some sort of smokers� etiquette to be followed. After all, everyone�s health and well-being is at stake.

Is Smoke-free Really Free From Smoke?

For the past few years, anti-smoking campaigns have been progressive � at least, in some but not all public places. Most cities all over the world have since banned smoking in public transportation, indoor facilities like malls, restaurants and museums, and libraries. However, smokers are still lighting up with their Zippo lighters in parks, street cafes, and pubs because these are places frequented by smokers. What most laws failed to consider is the fact that non-smokers also frequent these places, if only to breathe fresh air. That�s made impossible by the number of Zippo lighters lighting up in every direction.

Indeed, anti-smoking propaganda has to be strengthened to force smokers to conform to good etiquette and not involve other people in their unsavory habit. Outdoor areas should be declared smoke-free. There should be proper partitions between smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants to avoid smoke from blowing over to the other side. There should be cafes, pubs, and rooms dedicated to smokers where they and their Zippo lighters can congregate and kill each other, and leave the healthy population out of it.

In Good Company

Of course, being in the company of a smoker can never be avoided, especially if they are a family member, friend, or co-worker. Short of putting them into quarantine, smokers should follow certain decorum when in the presence of a non-smoker.

For example, smoking paraphernalia like cigarettes, Zippo lighters, and cigarette cases should be kept out of sight while the smoker and the non-smoker are engaged in a meal. A smoker should not be allowed to light up within 6 feet of a non-smoker. A smoker should have the decency to leave the room and head to the nearest smoke-friendly zone before lighting up with Zippo lighters. This way, the smoker only jeopardizes himself and not the lives of the people around him.

Non-smokers also have to do their parts. After all, smokers won�t be privy to your feelings or will at least continue to ignore it until you do something about it. Remember that your silence is encouragement. Smokers will continue to smoke and be unmindful of your feelings if you don�t speak up. Put your foot down once and for all and you�ll find that most smokers are decent enough to put away their cigarettes and Zippo lighters for you, at least, until you�re no longer in the immediate vicinity. And that should be good enough. After all, bad habits die hard.

Submitted by:

Bradlley Mckoy

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