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5 Important Points Of Vintage Wine

Vintage wine is a favorite of wine experts. It is more than a beverage because more went into the creation of the wine then simply mixing it up and bottling it. There are many aspects of a wine that make it vintage. When a wine is considered vintage you will find that it meets the following 5 points.

These five points highlight the things that set vintage wine apart from other wines. Additionally, you will see why vintage wines are more expensive then other wines on the market.

1. Point One � The source of the grapes.

Vintage wine is made with grapes that are all grown or mostly all grown in the same year. The reason for this is that grapes harvested in different years will have different tastes. Using grapes from one year helps to ensure the consistency of the taste.

2. Point Two � The aging process.

Vintage wine is carefully aged to the point where the flavors are perfect. The aging process allows the flavors to develop. With vintage wines the aging process is carefully monitored and the wine is carefully handled to ensure proper aging and storage for the perfect final taste.

3. Point Three � The bottling process.

Vintage wines are bottled in a single batch. Bottling can alter the taste so when wines are bottled together the tastes are going to be consistent and similar.

4. Point Four � Regulation specifications.

In the US there are specific regulations about what wines can be labeled vintage. This helps consumers to ensure that they are getting true vintage wine. In order for a wine to be labeled vintage and with the country of origin 95% of the grapes used in the wine must come from the same year. Without the country of origin on the label, the wine must contain 85% of grapes harvested in the same year.

5. Point Five � Regional characteristics.

Grapes from different regions taste different. The different growing conditions produce grapes that have different flavors and that directly relates to the taste of the wine from that region. With vintage wines the grapes all come from the same region. This helps to ensure a pure flavor. In fact, vintage wines are often characterized by the region so this is an important aspect.

These five points help to define what a vintage wine truly is. Sometimes false labels may suggest a wine is vintage, but unless it follows these points, it is not a real vintage. When buying wine you should note the points so that you are sure to get what you pay for. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on wine that is not truly vintage.

Wine experts can tell the difference through taste, but if you�re unable to taste before purchase or you are not that advanced in your wine tasting skills then you have to rely on the label to tell you what you need to know. It can be embarrassing to serve a wine as a vintage when it really is not, especially if someone can tell the difference.

Submitted by:

Caroline Silverstone

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