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Coffee pods look like round tea bags which contain the right amount of pre-packaged coffee beans, encapsulated in a paper pod. Designed for usage with single-serving coffee-makers, it allows the savoring of the flavor of your first cup. Pod brewing grows quickly due to the many top brands of coffee manufacturers that ensure a no-mess experience, for a perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee pods look like round tea bags which contain the right amount of pre-packaged coffee beans, encapsulated in a paper pod. Designed for usage with single-serving coffee-makers, it allows the savoring of the flavor of your first cup. Coffee Pods have a specially formulated filter paper which aims to maintain the freshness of ground coffee. It is circular in shape, and weighs from 8 up to 12 grams, with a 57mm up to 61mm in size. Oxygen is being removed in ground coffee in order to ensure the quality of the product.

Moreover, coffee pods have a variety you can choose from. This is with regards to its brew strength. This includes:

' Mild roast - a mild and delicious aromatic blend taste
' Medium roast - a natural and harmonious taste with a mild and balanced aromatic blend
' Dark roast - a smooth, full-bodied and robust blend. Coffee machines helps in the process of extracting the coffee pods. This is in balancing the ratio of coffee into the water in order to produce a rich frothy cup of coffee.

Historically, as far as 1000 AD, the introduction of coffee has become a part of the daily living in several countries. Since then, coffee has been transformed into many varieties. Hence, the birth of instant coffee finally took its toll in the year 1901. Producing 97% of the worlds output, Brazil became the world's largest producer of coffee since 1907. By 1920, America consumed 70% of the worlds coffee production.

Coffee pods come with different types. Such are:


Packs to choose from are as follows:

'all Pod Sampler Packs
'All Tea Pods
'All Pods

Now, manufacturers of coffee-makers help in ensuring the compatibility of coffee pods with certain coffee makers in the market. Manufacturers which introduced patented coffee makers with easy methods of brewing for different brands of coffee pods include the following:

'Melitta One

List of branded coffee pods are as follows:

Pod Coffee by Brew

1.Aloha Island Chocolate Macadamnia Nut Pod Coffee 100% Kona

Aloha Island Chocolate Macadamia Nut is a rich chocolate flavored coffee. A 100% Estate Kona Coffee with the right amounts of macadamia nut flavors. It is a medium roasted coffee with low acidic content. It is also pesticide free. It only costs $20.75.

2.Aloha Island Light Roast Pod Coffee 100% Kona

A 100% Kona coffee KONA_PODS that has a smooth texture and exquisitely flavored whole bean Kona. It is a light roast type that one can enjoy with a single serving of pod brewer, with a low acidic content and no pesticide. It's on sale price is $20.75.

3.Aloha Island Magnum Opus Diamond Private Reserve Pod Coffee 100% Kona

Aloha Island Magnum Opus Diamond is a very special tiny portion of the crop that qualifies as a Diamond selection of coffee. It is somewhat woodsy and smoky, making it rare and extraordinary. It has a 12 capacity box that is smooth. It is also called 'dessert coffee'. Aloha Diamond Pod Coffee is 100% Kona coffee and it is a light roast type which is low in acidity and has no pesticide. It only costs $22.95.

4.Aloha Island Magnum Opus Gold Pod Coffee 100% Kona

Aloha Island Magnum Opus Gold is 100% Pure Kona coffee which is very smooth, very rich and has an excellent depth of flavor. In order to develop the exquisite flavor and quality, selecting the top grades from the plantation and roasting it carefully is an excellent choice for daily morning and afternoon coffee breaks. It is also a medium roast coffee that is pesticide free. Plus, it possesses low acidity content. It only costs $19.95.

5.Aloha Island Magnum Opus Platinum Pod Coffee 100% Kona

Aloha Island Magnum Opus Platinum is made from a round-shaped and small coffee bean. This is manufactured in the big island plantation of Hawaii. It is 100% estate Kona coffee it possesses low acidity and no pesticide content. It is also a light roast type that has 12 pieces inside its box. It only costs $21.95.

6.Aloha Island Variety Pack 100% Kona

Flavors of this type include:

'French Vanilla
'Espresso roast
'Chocolate Macadamia Nut
'Dark roast
'Medium roast
'Light roast

Aloha Island Variety Pack has 12 pieces inside its box. It only costs $23.95.

7.Baronet Galapagos Pod Coffee

Baronet Galapagos Pod Coffee is grown from San Cristobal in Galapagos, only 600 miles from Ecuador. It is an exceptional, medium roasted, organic chemical and pesticide free coffee that possesses buttery sweetness, making it silky and full. It only costs $10.75.

8.Baronet Pod Coffee French Roast Decaf

A dark roasted coffee with a full body blend of the South and Central Americas. Its on sale price is only $5.90 for every sleeve of 18 pods.

9.Baronet Pod Coffee Mint Chocolate Chip

This is a smooth, rich chocolate with refreshing mint taste. It is much better than an ice cream. It is also a light roast coffee that consists of 18 pods per sleeve. Its on sale price is only $5.90.

10.Dallmayr Crema d'Oro Coffee Pods

This is a delight as Caf' Crema. It is a balanced blend of the finest beans. It is also a medium roasted coffee equipped a gentle technique in order to produce a fine light-velvety crema. It only costs $ 4.85 for each. Its box has 16 pieces.

11.Fratello Christmas Morning Coffee Pods

Fratello Christmas Morning Coffee is a rich festive creation with orange and cinnamon. It is a lightly roasted coffee with 18 pieces of pods in a box.

12.Fratello Coffee Pods Yemen Moka Sanani Single Estate

It is vibrantly fruity, rich, earthy, light roasted and fresh flavored coffee equipped with a blueberry finish that will really surprise one's taste buds. It is of the best quality. It is also a consistent coffee which is grown in the highland regions of Sana'a in Yemen. It only costs $8.50.

13.Fratello Dixie Voodoo Coffee Pods

Fratello Dixie Voodoo is an Indonesian coffee blend, with a bold spicy flavor. It is also a dark roasted coffee with a smooth and dark unsweetened bakers chocolate taste. It only costs $5.99 for every pod. One box of this type contains 18 pods.

14.Fratello Eggnog Coffee Pods

A light roasted coffee that is equipped with traditional eggnog of rich rum and spices. It only costs $5.99. It has 18 pods inside its box.

15.Fratello Gingerbread Coffee Pods

Fratello Gingerbread is a lightly roasted coffee pod with a warm spicy flavor of gingerbread and molasses. It only costs $5.99. It contains 18 pods per box.

16.Fratello Nicaraguan Org. FT Coffee Pods

This is a medium roasted coffee with mild acidity content, along with hints of tobacco and chocolate. Its on sale price is $5.99. It has 18 pods per box.

17.Fratello Spiced Buttered Rum Coffee Pods

The Fratello Spiced Buttered Rum has a buttery warm flavor, with just the right touch of actual spices. It is a lightly roasted type. It has 18 pods per box. It only costs $5.99.

18.Java One Pod Coffee Estate Costa Rican

Java One has a unique flavor and intense aroma, making it a well balanced taste. It is a medium roasted type of Costa Rican coffee. It only costs $5.35. It has 14 counts per box.

19.Java One Pod Coffee Hazelnut Cr'me

This is from 100% Arabian beans, making it unique, light roasted and having a touch of a hazelnut nutty flavor. It is smooth and subtle, along with sweet flavors which can be enjoyed as a delicious end meal. It only costs $5.35.

20.Lavazza House Blend Premium Coffee Pods

Lavazza House Blend is made up of 100% Arabica. It is from the Brazilian region, making it fruity and with a flowery aroma. It is also a light roasted coffee with 18 pods per box. Its on sale price is only $8.99.

21.Melitta Southern Pecan Pie Pod Coffee

This is a lightly roasted coffee, having a blend of toasted pecans, sweet maple and cinnamon. Its standard measurement is 9 gram / 55mm pod and it's
Price is only $4.99.

22.Reunion Island Maple Creme Coffee Pods

This is a medium roasted blend with a smooth flavor of maple cream, making it better tasting. Its on sale price is $7.50. It has 25 counts per box

23.Wolfgang Puck South Pacific Dark Pod Coffee

Wolfgang Puck South Pacific has an elegant blend of all natural coffee, usually from the tropical Pacific Rim. It is a medium to dark roasted coffee type. Its on sale price is $8.90. It has about 25 counts per box.
All coffee pods can be used within 2 up to 3 weeks after opening. Maintaining its freshness is what makes coffee pods different from other kinds of coffee preparations. There are many factors that contribute in making or producing a perfect cup. People usually judge a good cup of coffee with its flavor and crema. However, there is always a good way of preparing this, along with an easy cleanup and measuring devices, which will surely satisfy a coffee drinker. It is definitely money well spent. If you want a convenient, great tasting, and time saving coffee experience, you should try a cup of pod coffee.

Submitted by:

Christa Kowalczyk

For more information on coffee pods please visit our website.



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