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Shake Lights - Fake or Not? - Articles Surfing

The Truth About Shake Lights or Shake Flashlights.

There Are Two Types On The Market Today. Read more below:

(Type 1) Non-Rechargeable Shake Lights w/Lithium Batteries and LED Bulbs:

The Type 1 Shake Lights are actually not rechargeable and run on two lithium batteries. If you know about lithium batteries, they last for years and are used on such items as lawn sprinklers, smoke alarms and cameras to ensure years of backup power. But the truth is the shake and rechargeable part of it is false and does not work. But these are still a great value. Why?

Think about a typical flashlight that takes batteries. Most good flashlights take 4 D-size batteries which have an average price of $8. If you put these new batteries in a flashlight and turned it on how long would the power last? 2 Hours? Maybe 3 Hours? And you are out $8 plus the cost of the flashlight.

You would spend $80 to power a regular flashlight for the same amount of time.

Why does this matter? We conducted a series of tests to determine the average 'light-life" of these lights by leaving them on until they went out. Each light tested lasted a minimum of 30 hours before they got dim and some even over 40 hours of continuous use! Even if you left the light on for 5 minutes each time you used it, this would last between 360 to 480 times of use! All for $6.99! For the price of about one set of D batteries you could have 10 times the life of these batteries. And do not forget D batteries often get rusty or that toxic battery acid type stuff on them.

Do you want your wife, child or relative changing batteries with battery acid oozing out?

The Type 1 Lights are the ones sold on Shake-Lights.com. We consider these the best value for your hard-earned money.

(Type 2) "As Seen On TV" Rechargeable Shake Lights

Almost impossible to find anymore.

Type 2 shake lights look very similar to Type 1. These are from the famous "As Seen on TV" ads and are not really being sold much today. These do have magnets and recharging ability, But as you use them the working ability diminishes into nothing and you are left with a inferior product in our opinion. Every rechargeable cell wears out after repeated use. So at some point they will not work. Also, magnets lose their magnetic ability when they are moved around, and rechargeable powered devices lose power when not used. How many times did you charge something, and if not used in a long time the battery is dead? Same story here.

Do you want to grab your flashlight and have to shake it for 30 seconds before use? Imagine you hear a noise in the house.... do you want to make noise shaking a flashlight? NO! In a tight spot fixing something? How can you shake this light? Seems impractical.

Why do all these lights look the same?

Money. The idea was based on principle but not cost effective and practical (which means PROFITABLE). So these manufacturers, who had tons of these units already made, adapted them to work with lithium batteries. This was a brilliant idea since they last much longer than regular lights and are much lighter. For the price you cannot beat them!

Here are some uses of the Shake Lights:

* Take it camping or on a trip
* Throw one in each of your cars
* Give one to Grandma if power goes out!
* Put under your bed to scare your wife with late night stories
* On top of refrigerator for late night snacks
* In the back of the closet for the storage you cannot identify
* For guests to get around your house.
* Fuse Panel or Circuit breaker box

Want to know more about Shake Lights? Go to http://Shake-Lights.com

Submitted by:

Shake Lights

Shake Lights are seen all over the television and we are here to tell the truth about these lights. Are they based on scientific principle or are they another of the TV gimmicks. Find out more about the types of Shake Lights and if they are for real and worth your money.



Copyright © 1995 - Photius Coutsoukis (All Rights Reserved).


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