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Smallcap Company Dedicated to Treatment/Recovery of Alcoholism Addiction is an Option for Healthcare Investment

Am I an Alcoholic?

It's often a touch, soul-searching, gut-wrenching question. But one that needs to be answered if there is even a question about it. For many, alcoholism has become the "demon" that derailed an otherwise wonderful life. For others it became the very thing that killed them. Alcoholism is indeed a killer-disease, but help is available. Some have not only conquered their alcoholism, but used the struggle to become better, more enlightened, more compassionate, more self-controlled human beings.

What exactly is alcoholism?

Check out the definition given by the American Counsel on Alcoholism:

"Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychological, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. This disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by continuous or periodic: impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, most notably denial."

The consequences of alcohol abuse are serious, potentially even life threatening. Irresponsible drinking can cause liver cirrhosis, immune system problems, brain damage, and harm to the fetus during pregnancy. It can also increase the risk for certain cancers, especially those of the liver, esophagus, throat, and voice box or larynx.

Besides being detrimental to the body, drinking notoriously increases the risk of serious injury and even death from automobile crashes. Alcohol-related accidents are so prevalent; an estimated 40 percent of all persons in the United States will be involved in a traffic mishap blamed on alcohol at some point in their lives. Homicides and suicides are also more likely to be committed by persons who have been drinking. In purely economic terms, alcohol-related problems cost society approximately $185 billion per year. In human terms, the costs cannot be calculated.

Alcohol itself is not the enemy. Addiction to alcohol is the real problem. Moderate alcohol use'up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women and older people'is not harmful for most adults. (A standard drink is one 12-ounce bottle or can of either beer or wine cooler, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.) Nonetheless, for the Alcoholic, alcohol use is deadly fuel to an out-of-control fire.


There are five defining signs that point to a real problem with alcohol. They are:

* Craving:

A strong need, or compulsion, to drink.

* Loss of control:

The inability to limit one's drinking on any given occasion.

* Physical dependence:

Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety occur when alcohol use is stopped after a period of excessive drinking.

* Tolerance:

The need to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to "get a buzz."

* General Dysfunction: The deterioration or breakdown of personal and professional relationships and the inability to carry out commitments due to the behavioral influence or control of alcohol.


YES IT IS!!! Millions of people worldwide have learned to overcome the destructiveness of addiction * finding true peace, joy, fulfillment and even enlightenment as a result of working a successful treatment program.

LETS TALK RECOVERY manages two beautiful oasis's of love and support where REAL TRANSFORMATION can take place. Make a decision TODAY to get treatment and help. You will recover your SANITY - discovering or rediscovering your true self. Not only will our team of dedicated, caring professionals assist your "recovery journey" with state-of-the-art clinical treatment, but they also will loving surround you with all the support, information, and empowerment you need to start living the life you deserve!

About Let's Talk Recovery, Inc.

Let's Talk Recovery, Inc. (Pink Sheets: LKRV) is a socially responsible company dedicated to addressing the needs of alcoholism, various addictions, and obsessive behaviors. Let's Talk Recovery, Inc. currently manages and/or markets two upscale boutique treatment/recovery facilities and also owns and operates Let's Talk Recovery Radio Network, a network of talk-radio shows focused on addiction and recovery. For additional information visit the following websites: http://www.letstalkrecovery.com; http://www.lagunabeachrecovery.com; and http://www.theshorestreatment.com.

For more information about investing in this company, call Ron Garner at (888) 772-1288, extension 204. Ron Garner is a technical writer for AudioStocks, Inc.

Submitted by:

Ron Garner

Ron Garner is a Technical Writer and Analyst at AudioStocks, Inc.


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