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How To Make A Ton Of Cash Online By Sharing Your Hobby With Other People - Articles Surfing

Tons of books, courses and coaching programs are offered today online on the concept of how to make money online. The problem is that you can read for ages and yet not have an idea of how to build a profitable home business.

If you've read any amount of e-books, bought courses, or attended teleseminars on the theme of building a successful Internet business, you must have noticed that there's a hole that almost nobody seems to fill. There's one point that even the "big guys" can't tell you, or they're simply ignorant an unwilling to disclose to you.

This point is that in order to build a really successful business online, you got to make a plan first and determine what your business will focus on. You have to choose something than you really like to do, an then find out if there's a market, thus how many people are actively looking for products an services in that niche, and how big the competition is in that field.

One of the biggest problems that I've seen most people breaking their heads on is the question: but what am I good at? What business is right for me?

Well, I can safely tell you that this is a almost a dead end. Almost nobody will help you out with this problem. This is the point where they leave you on your own. Try it: ask any guru: so, what do you suggest, what business is good for me? Most of the time, they won't know what to answer on this question.

And it's not their fault. Let's face it: nobody really knows what you're good at, nobody has an idea of what you like to do, what is your hobby, your knowledge, experience. Those are the things that you know best.

But there are some ideas that can help you brainstorm and help you decide what is a good idea of a successful online business for you. I call it the "process of elimination," thus think of what you're definitely not good at. Better yet, take 3 separate sheets of papers, name them like this:

* First sheet - "I'm certainly not good at this."

* Second sheet - "perhaps I'm good at this."

* Third sheet - "well, I do think this might be good for me."

Believe it or not, this simple technique will much simplify the process for you, yet very few people will teach you this. You simply eliminate those things that are certainly not good for you, so what your remain with are ideas that may be good for you an other ideas that may be even better for you.

Now, how to do you start to think of ideas at all? Where do you find the three categories of things that might or might not interest you?

Here are some simple tips that you can use to start brainstorming and finding the ideal niche to you:

* Browse magazines and keep an open eye on ideas of product and services.

* Go to E-bay and see hot items that people are bidding on.

* Go to the Yahoo Marketplace and see what are the categories of product and services that are listed there, so that you know people do have an interest in those items.

* Check out Clickbank.com. You'll find there tons of downloadable products. Hint: the products at the top of the lists in the various categories are probably those selling best, so that you know there's a lively and hungry market.

And you can come up with your own similar ideas where and how to look for products and services that people are actually buying. Then you simply browse and scan the products and services to generate ideas for you niche.

After you come up with possible ideas, you'll need to make sure there's enough demand, thus many people looking for that product and service, and how exactly they're looking for it, thus what specific words an phrases they're putting into the search engines in order to find those products and services.

There're ready tools that help you do this. Some are even free. Look around at Internet marketing sites to find powerful "keyword suggestion tools," or do a search for them.

Next, make sure competition are not too high for each and every one of those words and phrases, thus not too many sites relative to the amount of searches (demand) come up in the search engines when you put in those words and phrases.

When you come up with a list of high-demand/low-competition phrases, you're ready to start building your sites an profitable Internet business. Keep in mind: your site should primarily provide information, lots of fresh, relevant content on the specific theme of your niche, each page of your site build around one main keyword that has high demand and low supply.

Submit your site to search engines, directories and e-zines, to start getting traffic. Once you have a lot of traffic, make your site for a profit by promoting product and services for affiliate commission and placing paid ads on your pages.

This is a straight-forward common-sense approach. Implement this, and you'll be way ahead of most sites on the Internet. Yours will be successful.

Submitted by:

Jacob Surkis

Jacob Surkis, referred to as "Jacob The Blogger" is experienced and has already raked in thousands in affiliate marketing. Check out the Jacob's blog full of free non-hype killer tips and ideas on making money from the Internet: http://make-your-hobby-a-home-business.blogspot.com.

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