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14 Serious Mistakes Of Your Tourism Brochure Marketing Strategy - Articles Surfing

This useful article is published for global tourism marketers who want to enhance the travel brochure and Ebrochure marketing. Revise these mistakes for better brochure and electronic brochure marketing result and efficiently entice global visitors.

This is a long article with many parts of interesting skills and knowledge and up to now is the best article about brochure marketing in the world; In fact, it's the first chapter of Advanced Tourism Brochure Marketing Package published by T-IM.com (http://www.tourism-internetmarketing.com/ebook/TOURISM_BROCHURE_MARKETING_EBOOK.htm); therefore, its content is also great for any businesses which have a marketing brochure.

This article is so comprehensive and has 2 parts:

Part 1: The first 7 serious brochure marketing mistakes

Part 2: The second 7 mistakes more to be revealed.

Due to the length of the whole article make difficult to read and remember for reader , I just supply the part 1. At the end of this article, there will have a link to the part 2 and Friendly print version of the whole article.

Keep reading.

Part 1: The first 7 serious brochure marketing mistakes

A well- planed and carefully-designed tourism brochure will indeed increase the services business; especially it is the business of tourism. But many tourism marketers don't make effective use of their brochure and leave out important elements. That is a cost, a real damage for your business.

If you have a marketing tool to use, you must ultimately exploit its profit; if you can not take advantage of the promotional tool, the money and time of publishing the tool is one of the biggest costs. The second cost is the lost prospects caught by your competitors who use this same tool at its most power. And the third created by the weakness of your integrated marketing plan ' you do not know how to use one among many of your marketing tools effectively, how can you use the rest to get the most benefit of your marketing mix.

Mistake 1: Brochure is created as a sole fighter in the battle field of marketing. It is use lonely, separately with no support from other tool of marketing. There is no marketing plan as a base for your brochure. We create the brochure because the other has it, even a lot of it. And second reason is if we do a travel and hospitality business without having a brochure, it seems not to be a tourism business.

- In fact: Any advertising, including brochure, should be a part of the total marketing plan for a business. If your marketing strategy determines that tourism brochure are an effective method for reaching your target audience, then carefully design the best brochure possible.

Mistake 2: The most expensive misconception is that brochure sell- that a prospect will read the entire of the brochure with glowing adjectives, and sign a contract as a result of it.

- In fact: A brochure, in this context, is a pamphlet or booklet that describes an organization and its function, or a hotel with its services' it maybe used to explain all or a segment of an organization or a services supplier.

For example: we can design a brochure about our travel company, includes company's mission, portfolio and all kinds of services 'we supply.

We can also design a brochure about one of its favorite services, such as a special tour-to promote it only!

A good tourism marketing brochure should finish its duty as a good overview of an origination, a destination, a hotel or travel company, inspires the reader to the next step if he (she) is interested in the supplier's services.

If a brochure catch the eyes of a random visitor or traveler who has no exact determination of buying or using, get him reading and put a good impression on the services supplier's image, often is the feeling about a professional, it can be perceived as a good marketing brochure, although the reader do not take the next step then- just because he has no demand at that time.

That is the situation when a brochure does its responsibility of branding in the mind of a future client. It is a good job for a normal brochure.

Mistake 3: Another familiar trap in the mind of a brochure publisher is the concept that people read brochure thoroughly and carefully.

-In fact: A brochure, no matter how attractive or thorough, is usually simply glanced at. It maybe read in conjunction with other materials, to get an overall impression of a company. But it rarely devoured like a novel.

Mistake 4: The brochure doesn't contain all the elements of a competent marketing message.

-In fact: Bit and pieces of information aren't enough. Your brochure should take your prospects through your message from the beginning to the end. It should provide all the facts and persuasion necessary to get your prospects to take whatever action you want him to take.

Mistake 5: The brochure doesn't contain a detailed list of services you offer.

-In fact: A prospect often looks at your services list to sees if you provide what they need. It they don't see what they want, they may assume you don't provide that services and call another one. Make sure you list all the services your visitor looks for.

Mistake 6: The brochure doesn't explain how you differ from other competitors. There is no advantage of unique selling position for you. You look like the rest, and the rest is same you.

-In fact: If your prospects don't know your competitive advantages, they often don't have a clear reason to use or buy your services than another supplier's.

(Here I tell you more about your competitive advantage:

A competitive advantage, in nature, is your unique selling position which is the foundation of your marketing strategy. All the marketing tools are used interactively in a period along a strategic plan of marketing your services. This marketing plan originates from many factors, such as the holidays season, the target visitors, the marketing budget, the stander of our services, the market trend, the competitors' marketing strategy'but the most important is your target group.

Therefore, if you can figure out exactly what your target group of a marketing plan is, focus tourism attract them by a target brochure, you will know how to create the competitive advantages for your brochure marketing campaign.)


All articles of David Kan published in this website can be reprinted or posted on other website as well as the author 's biography keep intact.

Read the part 2:

Part 2: The second 7 mistakes more to be revealed.


Submitted by:

David Kan

David Kan is the CEO of T-IM.com

T-IM.com is the largest global Free tourism internet marketing resources with 57 & more online tools and forum to help tourism business enhance their internet marketing result.

Website URL: http://www.tourism-internetmarketing.com

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