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$1000 Your First Month - The Realistic Numbers Of Affiliate Programs And Which Ones Work

Everyone has seen an advertisement or a website that claims you can make a lot of money in a relatively short period of time but can these numbers really be true? How much money can you realistically make after purchasing an online affiliate course or book? Well that question can really only be answered through my experiences and yours may be different but I�ll tell you what I have experienced over the past few years.

Most programs tell you that you can make a $1000 your first week which is theoretically possible and with the correct help you can make a $1000 your first week. Now after saying that I have to warn you that a newbie has a very small chance of reaching this first week number and you really need to take a zero off and set your goals to be more realistic, confidence in the key in online marketing and not reaching a goal can shut you down completely, set them to reasonable levels and you�ll be better off.

The first program I bought was pretty interesting but I really didn�t understand what I needed and I set the program aside for months, despite making a few hundred dollars my first week (I stopped because I didn�t like PPC advertising). A few months later I logged into the site and actually looked around and found tons of useful gadgets and ebooks, I wish I had done that much sooner. I now understand what to look for and really have been helped through my experiences online. But, experience cost money online and I have spent some money! Too much, and I�m here to help you not spend so much money.

So what do you need to look for in a program?

1 - The sites look doesn�t always matter but to be safe just to pick and affiliate program or site that look professional.

2 - Price, don�t spend over a $100, period. There are programs out there that cost a lot less and are much more valuable.

3 - Compare several programs and see which ones have better bonuses, a free website is key.

Now that you have your book or website what do you need to NOT do.

1 - Be to confident and go in way over your head

2 - Spend too much money on advertising, Free is best but if you want to do PPC set a budget and follow it.

3 - Take it slow, slow and steady wins every time. The market changes and quick changes can cost a lot of money. If you go slow your more likely to see these changes coming.

4 - Don�t lose hope! It takes time and tweaking to make the big bucks, settle for a $100-$200 a month and first.

Becoming an affiliate can be really fun and profitable if its done properly. But be aware that many people have lost there shirts because they dove in to fast. Take things easy and never do it blind. Always seek the help of a knowledgeable friend or an online program. Programs can cost but they do offer a wealth of knowledge. If you don�t know where to find a good program of ebook check out my site. Good luck.

Submitted by:

Nick Vernon

Nicholas Vernon is a top reviewer of programs that help you make money online. No program gets by his scam watch and his website premiers the top programs and products that help people make money on the web. Click here to visit his site!


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