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Mascots Impact On Corporations May Be A Make Or Break Situation - Articles Surfing

Mascots Embody Corporations and Their Ideas

Mascots on a corporate level serve as a way to embody the corporation's motto, values, and ideas. Most corporations have their mascots designed around a central theme, item, or belief they wish to convey to their customer base. An example would be McDonald's using Ronald McDonald as their symbol to convey they are a fun place to eat to children and families. Society comes to look at the mascot as an embodiment of what the corporation represents. It's possible that the mascot may be associated with many other products and images in the minds of consumers. Mascots must set forth a positive image that heightens happiness and an overall optimistic attitude within the consumer culture. This is why mascots impact on corporations can be either highly positive or largely negative.

Animals, People, and Clowns aren't the Only Mascots Characterizing Corporations

As society evolves, so do the mascots that corporations decide to use. Animals, people, and clowns aren't the only mascots characterizing Corporate America. Robots, blow up balloon characters, and slides and mazes for children with corporate symbols are becoming the way of the future.

I.M. Mascot

With technological advancements robots are becoming more appealing and sophisticated. They are being designed in many shapes, sizes, colors. Some have a robotic look while others may look human. The fact that they can interact with the public make them viable candidates for mascots. Public reactions to robots as mascots for corporations, hospitals, and media events is overwhelmingly positive. Many times the robots are rented for a short or long term stint for an event. The robot may be designed specifically with a corporation in mind. They are very interactive with people, and many are designed with psychology, communication, and therapy in mind. This gives a very personalized effect to the robot that people can relate to. Also, since many robots are interactive they may be able to say slogans for the corporation or help market products and services with their words and actions.

Balloons Stand Tall as Corporate Mascots

Many corporations have larger than life balloons outside of their stores, branch offices, and corporate headquarters. The balloon may have a cartoon character, symbol, or other mascot to help advertise the wares and services of the corporation. Balloons are often anywhere from ten feet tall to several stories tall. Often they are anchored down to the ground with ropes that extend from the balloon, and are pegged into a well-grounded area. They can be very eye-catching if someone is just driving alongside of the road, and the mascot may catch them by surprise. It is an effective marketing tool since it may jog the person's memory back to the product of service the corporation is selling either that day or in the future.

Slides and Mazes Amaze the Tiniest of Consumers

Slides and mazes which are constructed from corporate events will attract the attention of the tiniest of consumers. It's possible to have the corporate mascot attached onto the slide or maze emblazing the corporate symbol into the minds of children at corporate events. Also, since children will be having fun playing on the slides or in the mazes, they will associate the corporation with fun times and good feelings. It is an effective marketing tool and well worth the money spent. Not to mention it occupies children and leaves parents open for other types of marketing at corporate events.

Makeovers for Corporate Mascots

When corporations have been in business for several years, their mascots have become the epitome of what the corporation is and stands for. This is very important in a day and age when people are always in a hurry. They are likely to gravitate to companies that have mascots they associate with longevity and quality. However, with new generations it may be important for corporations to give their mascots a makeover. McDonalds has done this recently with Ronald McDonald. Amid the controversy of obesity related to fast food among children, McDonalds is working hard to portray Ronald McDonald as a mascot of moderation and healthy practices. Recent ads show him eating with children and instead of french fries and soda they are eating fruit and drinking milk.

Submitted by:

Amy Nutt

We specialize in designing and creating custom mascots, costumes or characters to bring smiles to your audience. From small town carnivals to international sporting events, a mascot is the perfect addition to your event!



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