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Do you believe that making money on the internet is possible? A lot of people out there don't because they have been online and tried to make money and failed. A lot of people do because they have made money online. Some have made a lot of money online.

There is a multitude of problems with the way things are done on line today. Just think, it is just like the world you live in, where ever it is you live. Do you think people would be more or less inclined to cheat you online because they don't have to meet you face to face?

Personally I would say more. To be totally honest people aren't really trying to cheat you, in most cases, they are simply using what most people term practical business sense. Practical business sense says to get the most profit for the lest amount of work or to get the most money possible for your product.

Most of the time they do this through exaggerated clams. For example a person gets there hands on a program/product and clams they made X amount of dollars in X amount of days, 'you can place any amount you want to in the X space'.

The thing is they probably did make the money in that time frame when you take away all the time they tried a specific thing and failed or all the preparation time spent in their effort.

Let me give you an example of a full time Special Ed Teacher that has found the secret to making extra money online using Smart Money Websites and continues to do what she loves, teaching, full time.

This lady decides that she would love to have more income than what she receives from the public school system. She is smart and reasonably computer literate and knows people are making money on the internet. She decides to start an internet home business.

Being smart she first does some research on what she should do to get started. She learns about Affiliate Marketing and decides that is where she will start. She next buys a few books and starts signing up as an affiliate for a number of programs.

Things do not seem to fall in place for her. She buys more books and joins more programs. She listens to people that appear to know what they are talking about. The next thing you know she looks at her bank account and credit cards and finds she is spending a lot of money but getting nowhere fast.

After nearly a year of spending money on programs, books, websites and all the rest she is to the point of throwing in the towel. All the advertisements of making $1,000 a week, $3,000 to $5,000 a month, etc, just hasn't worked out. She looked at her monthly cost just for the basics she needed to maintain a web presence and found it slightly daunting.

She had a hosted website that cost $24.95 a month, an auto responder that cost $19.95 a month, an add tracking program that cost $19.95 a month and several programs she was trying to use to help her with her business that had cost several hundred to buy. Just looking at her first three necessities she was spending $64.85 a month or $778.20 a year and she was spending 5 times the amount of time managing her technologies as she was producing traffic to her website.

She also had a problem determining what activities she was doing, even with her tracking account, that was getting her any real results. Her tracking account only tracked the first click through from her landing page and not her sales.

Just as she is about to give up she comes across an add for Smart Money Websites that says 'Give me one year and I will help you create a monthly income of $3,000 or more with your commitment of working 2 hours a day.' After reading the add she decides to take a look at what was offered.

She liked it. Smart Money Websites did not offer to make her wealthy overnight. It handled all her technology headaches and allowed her to spend over 95% of her time on creating traffic and sales. It allowed her to split test and track every part of what she was doing from one central location. It was very user friendly and cost less for 1 year of use than what she was paying for her one website, and she got three separate sites she could setup to use as she pleased.

In less than six months of starting Smart Money Websites she had made about $8,000 working less than 2 hours a day using just one of the three site she had. The real story here is she did it using the training which comes with the program at no extra cost and from mostly traffic generated at 0 cost. The thing she says is 'Since I did it, it has made me realize anyone with a need for extra income can do the same.'

Submitted by:

Simeon Garner

Copyright ' Sim Garner, For more information on how to create your own websites and begin making money today visit http://Oneyearto5k.smmsite.com.



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