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Dental Care in the Modern World

It won�t matter how white or perfectly aligned your teeth are if you have halitosis, or better known as bad breath. A new remedy from an old Chinese medicine, called the magnolia bark extract has been proven not only to make your breath smell better, but to totally take out the source bacteria altogether.

The halitosis starts when the bacteria breaks down proteins in the mouth, causing the smelly sulfur compounds that no one likes to smell. Although the tried and true after dinner mints mask the odor, it remains there, until the mint�s effects are gone.

There are now reported plans of producing tree-bark chewing gum in the US this year.

Some parents think that a child losing a tooth (or more) is a usual childhood experience and that they�ll get over it soon. However, research is saying that the child�s oral health may be in trouble if not treated early.

The Academy of General Dentistry, also known as AGD, are saying that if teeth falls out too early, the straightness of the adult teeth will be affected.

Some people will go to great lengths (and distances) to get savings. For example, would you belive someone would travel from half a world a way for a tooth extraction? Yes, welcome to the world of dental tourism.

The prices draw in the tourists. For example, one person went to Costa Rica to have 27 crowns, 9 tooth implants, and jaw bone surgery. In the US, it would�ve cost him $40,000 and up but he just paid half of that, $10,200; that�s a $29,800 savings right there! Although we haven�t accounted for the airline tickets and accommodations yet, but it�s still a heck of a whole lot!

The success of your dental implants depends on where you place them: upper or lower jaw. According to studies, lower jaw implants have a 95% rate of success and only 90% for the upper jaw. The reason for this being that the upper jaw is less dense compared to the lower jaw.

The remaining 5% or 10% failures are due to various reasons. The most often cited reason is the failure for the implant in the osseointegration process. If the tooth was placed in the wrong position, the implants might break, the implant may get loose, or worse get infected.

So you just had a dental procedure done and are now preparing to go home. You say good bye to the dentist, but all you say is, �phubh vhy.� Next thing you know you�re tongue�s right out in the open and you�ve been drooling since you got back from the dentist. These are just one of the after effects of taking anesthesia. However, things are going to change for the better.

Novalar Pharmaceuticals just got a go signal from the Food and Drugs Administration to market OraVerse, a drug meant to undo the effects of anesthesia. According to them they�ll start selling the drug for $12.50 a shot.

The drug is not recommended to children below 6. Their target market most likely will be children (older than 6 of course) because they tend to accidentally bite their tongue when it�s numb. Another market to tap are those who just got some cosmetic dental work done and who would wish to look great when they leave the dentist�s office.

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Jon Caldwell

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at http://about-dental.com


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