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Understanding The Difference Between Type One And Type Two Diabetes - Articles Surfing

Glucose is also a vital factor for the proper functioning of your body, just like oxygen is essential for the survival of your cells. Glucose provides the energy required by your body's cells in order for the body to perform its myriad tasks correctly. When not enough glucose is available to your body, it can lead to adverse and irreversible effects.

The inability to use the insulin present in the body to produce glucose, leads to Type 2 diabetes. Just like oxygen is needed to breathe, so is glucose needed by the body to function well. Glucose is required for the cells of the body to produce energy.

There are two types of diabetes and their respective treatment differs accordingly. To ensure that you get the treatment that you need, you first have to know the difference between the two types. It is very important to be aware of what type of diabetes you have, because the wrong diagnosis can lead to even more problems later. Learn what the signs and symptoms are and go to a physician as soon as possible. The longer you delay your visit, the more difficult your disease becomes to control.

In Type 1 diabetes the pancreas stops producing insulin completely. It can occur at any age and is often seen in children and young adults. The disease is therefore also known as juvenile diabetes. The only way to get treated for Type 1 diabetes is to supply insulin to the body on a daily basis by giving yourself insulin shots. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very, very important if you have any type of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is seen usually in adults at a later stage in life. This condition occurs when the body is unable to use the insulin produced by the pancreas, to generate the energy required for the correct functioning of the body. The good news is that type 2 diabetes can be controlled if you follow a strict and regular diet, exercise daily and get proper medication.

The onset of Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body resists the insulin present and the body cells stop responding to the hormone altogether. When this happens, the pancreas starts producing more and more insulin. What follows is that the storage organ for glucose - the liver - also starts releasing glucose. Eventually the pancreas is unable to produce more insulin and the muscles and tissues of the body start resisting it. As a result, the blood sugar level increases dangerously because the body does not convert the glucose present in the bloodstream into energy required for the body's proper functioning.

Are You at Risk?

Once you pass the age of 40, you have to be very cautious as this type of diabetes is seen mainly in people of this age group, especially if you are also overweight. If you have a Body Mass Index of over 25 and do not lead an active lifestyle, you have a greater risk of contracting diabetes. A person whose body shape is like an apple; with a lot of fat in the stomach area, has to get their weight under control by dieting and exercise, because obese people are especially at risk.

It has become a great concern now for children also, as the obesity level in kids is also increasing at an alarming rate. Children risk getting Type 2 diabetes if a proper diet and exercise program is not maintained.

Although there are clear symptoms, people with Type 2 diabetes do not necessarily show any of them. The symptoms are very common and therefore, a wrong diagnosis can easily occur:
' Passing of urine frequently
' Excessive thirst
' Feeling fatigued
' Weight loss
' Increase in appetite
' General malaise
' Blurred vision

Watch out for any of these symptoms and see your physician immediately if any of them occur. If you have Type 2 diabetes, the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can get it under control.

Submitted by:

Chonticha Marijne

Getting to grips with Type Two diabetes doesn't have to be tough. Find out more about Type Two diabetes at http://DealWithDiabetes.com.



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