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Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive underarm perspiration or extreme armpit sweating. As we know, sweat is a gland secretion. In our body we have specific sweat glands that cause us to sweat. This could be a result of many factors, but excessive underarm perspiration is also known to be a result of uncontrolled nervous system action. Individuals may experience profuse sweating on various body parts. This includes the face, hands and feet. However, disproportionate underarm sweating is amongst the most widespread of sweating problems. It is nothing to be ashamed of needing help dealing with excessive underarm perspiration.

If you are faced with such a problem as dealing with excessive underarm perspiration, you need to determine the actual cause of your discomfort prior to settling for self treatment. This is because even though it may not be a menacing problem, there are times, professional guidance can help determine and even control your excessive underarm sweating woes.

Sweat glands that are strategic in sweat emission are called Sudoriferous. The two known glands which generate excessive underarm perspiration are known as eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are present in all most parts of the body and are unaccompanied. Under normal circumstances, they generate a watery emission in indefinite magnitude and for the most part are not accountable for uncontrollable armpit sweating. Characteristically, eccrine gland sweat is odorless. In comparison, apocrine glands are bigger in size as compared to eccrine glands and are found in certain areas of the human body. This includes the underarms and genital skin. As such, sweat produced by these glands, finds there way to the hair shaft around these regions and is deposited on the hair follicles. The hair follicles actually help preserve the sweat for longer time periods and results in excessive underarm perspiration, as the sweat is more or less trapped in this area.

If you are faced with this embarrassing problem of dealing with excessive underarm perspiration, all is not lost. This happens to a multitude of people and can be treated. It is obvious that people do experience more sweat excretion in their underarms as compared to many other body parts. The seriousness of the matter lies in the intensity of the excess sweat, frequency and odor emission.

In fact it is very easy for people around you to determine if you are plagued by excessive underarm perspiration, as sweat from apocrine glands emit a peculiar odor. In fact this odor is actually inimitable for other sweat glands and can be viewed upon as a tell tale sign. When faced with excess underarm sweating, you could resort to wearing loose clothes and of course drinking a healthy quantity of water on a daily basis. Wearing the right clothes also includes avoiding silks and polyesters as these restrict the skin from breathing. Our skin comprises of tiny pores and if you wear uncomfortable clothing over your arm area, sweat production increases due to constrained air circulation. Drinking large quantities is known to work as an anti toxin as it helps cleanse the body. It could also help rid your excessive underarm perspiration odor problem.

Of course, if your problem of dealing with excessive underarm perspiration is acute or in an advanced stage, then even self check measures do not acquire desired results. If you fit in this category, it's time you seek professional help. You would be tested for sweating imbalances and guided through the treatment process. In most cases you are required to opt for prescription drugs for a period of time, to control or limit excessive underarm perspiration. In order to be diagnosed correctly, it is important you answer your medical practitioner in all honesty. This will help determine if your excessive underarm perspiration problem roots from genetic, psychological or nervous system action. Based upon their diagnosis, practitioners recommend varied treatments for individuals who are dealing with excess underarm sweating.

Submitted by:

Joseph Tierney

Joseph Tierney used to suffer from excessive sweating. Discover the one thing that you can do in the shower that will help end your excessive sweating problem at Excessive Sweating



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