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Ovarian Cysts and PCOS Link Discovered - Articles Surfing

It has been shown that Ovarian Cysts and PCOS are very closely linked to each other. PCOS is the abbreviation for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is marked by a condition where multiple cysts develop in the female ovary. Therefore, it is easy to see that ovarian cysts and PCOS are quite similar to each other. The former may occur in solitude while in the case of the latter, there is more than one cyst.

Studies have shown that irregularities in ovulation are among the chief causes of PCOS in women. Irregularities in ovulation can severely disrupt the normal cycle of the body. This leads to a state of hormonal imbalance where certain hormone levels may either shoot up to very high levels, or plummet to great lows. This increases the chance of getting ovarian cysts manifold.

Womankind has to face a host of other conditions. Lack of ovulation is just one of them. Disruption of the menstrual cycle may cause a woman to experience abnormal growth of hair or hirsutism, baldness, obesity or acne. Most of these conditions are caused by an increase in the levels of the androgen hormone or the male hormone. PCOS may also be responsible for temporary periods where the suffering female can be rendered infertile.

Women who have crossed the menopausal stage run a higher risk of ovarian cysts and PCOS developing into a cancerous state. It is needless to say that all women of an advanced age should regularly check themselves for any occurrence of ovarian cysts or PCOS because they could well lead to disastrous consequences if left untreated.

Causes of Ovarian Cysts and PCOS

Opinions vary on the causes of PCOS in women. Studies, however, point to the fact that PCOS is caused when the follicles containing immature ovum are damaged. Follicles can get damaged if a woman is exposed to certain chemical toxins known as xenobiotics, which not only cause damage to the egg follicles, but also significantly affect the production of the female hormone progesterone in the body.

Cure for Ovarian Cysts and PCOS

For cases involving ovarian cysts and PCOS, there are certain medications that are more frequently prescribed by doctors. However, in most cases, these medications aim to restore the balance in the hormonal levels. Unfortunately, these medications themselves contain active chemical hormones and there is always a chance that upon discontinuing with these medications, irregularities in ovulation will resurface again. The root of the problem, thus never gets addressed. This is where a holistic approach of treatment can make a large difference.

There is a growing trend everywhere to prescribe certain dietary changes to patients, besides prescribing conventional medication. Here are some of the elements of the Ovarian Cysts and PCOS diet:

Complete avoidance of fatty foods is not recommended. There should always be a conscious effort to cut down on them, but ideally your diet should consist of 20'30% fat. Cutting down drastically on carbohydrate or fat intake is never recommended.

 Opt for foodstuffs that are of a high quality. Processed and canned food is best avoided, as are fabricated foodstuffs and other preserved foods containing artificial preservatives. It always makes better sense to eat foods that are raised organically and naturally.

 Introduce a large quantity of raw vegetables into your diet, but avoid starchy vegetables. Make a conscious effort to reduce the consumption of soy and dairy products. Food grains are also best avoided.

 Seafood is permissible only if you can ensure its freshness. If you suspect any sort of contamination, steer clear of it. Fresh water fish is another excellent choice. Try to consume meat that has been organically produced and originates from animals that have been fed on lean grass.

 Take fruits and vegetables rich in sugar content in moderation. Just don't forget to insist on freshly cut fruits and vegetables only. Avoid canned and preserved products.

A diet plan to counter the effects of ovarian cysts and PCOS actually consists of much more. One is well advised to consult with a doctor or qualified dietician before switching to a new diet. This is all the more important if you are allergic to a specific sort of substance or, if you have been diagnosed with other medical conditions besides ovarian cysts and PCOS. Work with your doctor to adopt the holistic approach. Only such an approach can ensure that the problem is addressed at the root level and you are completely cured. Ovarian cysts and PCOS are often attributed to poor eating habits and dietary imbalances. The holistic approach, however, is much more than just some dietary changes. You also need to address problems like obesity, a weak immune system, and accumulation of toxins in the body.

A holistic approach will ensure that the root cause of ovarian cysts and PCOS is eradicated by introducing better and healthier lifestyle and dietary changes, rather than just providing with a temporary respite by restoring hormonal levels in the body.

Submitted by:

Mary Parker

Mary Parker is an author of the best-selling e-book, "Ovarian Cysts No More- The Secrets Of Curing Ovarian Cysts Holistically ". To Learn More About Her Unique 3-Step Holistic Ovarian Cysts Cure System Visit: Ovarian Cysts No More . For further information visit: Ovarian Cysts and PCOS



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