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Always Feed Your Shih Tzu The Highest Quality Of Pet Food To Avoid Pancreatitis - Articles Surfing

The disease of pancreatitis can occur in your Shih Tzu if you feed the Shih Tzu table scraps and/or garbage. It is important to feed your Shih Tzu a well-balanced diet of high quality pet food. Pancreatitis presents itself from a severe inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ that aids in the digestion of the Shih Tzu's food.

Symptoms of pancreatitis in the Shih Tzu include:

' A Shih Tzu who suddenly starts to vomit
' The vomiting may cause dehydration and the Shih Tzu may become lethargic
' The Shih Tzu may also experience diarrhea

The above symptoms are of course common to many diseases in the canine population as well as your own beloved Shih Tzu puppy or Shih Tzu adult. To help your vet make an appropriate diagnosis, be prepared to give him or her a good past history of events of your Shih Tzu eating patterns and what you been feeding the Shih Tzu as well as other health related history. A good history from you, the Shih Tzu owner, will help your vet determine whether or not the Shih Tzu has pancreatitis due to improper eating or some other disease.

If you have been feeding your Shih Tzu high a pet food that is high in fat, or a high-fat meal, or the Shih Tzu has actually been getting into the garbage can and eating from therein, the diagnosis could very well be 'pancreatitis.'

Certain pesticides and some drugs have side effects that will cause an episode of pancreatitis in your Shih Tzu. However, studies show there is higher incidence of pancreatitis among miniature Schnauzers and in obese animals. If your Shih Tzu is on the 'fat' side, the symptoms described above could be an episode of pancreatitis. Your vet will need to make the final diagnosis. If your Shih Tzu vomits repeatedly, call your vet immediately as you do not want him or her dehydrating. Force water and some Pedialyte if repeated vomiting and diarrhea occurs during the time you await your vet's appointment or in route to the emergency vet clinic.

Episodes of pancreatitis requires vet examination. The pancreas of a Shih Tzu makes digestive enzymes in an inactive form. These are then changed to the active form when they enter the small intestine of your Shih Tzu. When a Shih Tzu develops pancreatitis, the active enzyme is made in the pancreas and the organ digests itself. Damage to the pancreas may lead to diabetes and loss of liver function.

When your Shih Tzu is diagnosed with pancreatitis, the intestinal tract will require rest. Pedialyte">All food and water should be withheld from the Shih Tzu for a period of time. If your Shih Tzu is dehydrated he or she may require vet hospitalization so intravenous fluids can be given. Pain medication may also be prescribed for your Shih Tzu during this time.

The Shih Tzu normally responds to treatment for pancreatitis within a few days and can be put back on food. Slowly introduce an easily digestible diet to avoid diarrhea again. Remember, the Shih Tzu's digestive tract has been 'irritated.'

When a Shih Tzu has repeated episodes of acute pancreatitis or other signs of diabetes, the final diagnosis may be 'chronic pancreatitis.' Acute pancreatitis occurs suddenly and does not last long. There is no permanent damage to the organ when 'acute pancreatitis' occurs in the Shih Tzu. However, in 'chronic pancreatitis' the pancreas does undergo permanent damage and possible loss of function may occur.

To avoid Pancreatitis, avoid feeding your Shih Tzu table scrapes and keep him or her out of the garbage can. Always feed the highest quality of pet food you can afford. I recommend feeding HealthyPetNet Life's Abundance pet products. You can see what HealthyPetNet has to offer your pet by following this link: http://www.healthylife27.com

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Submitted by:

Connie Limon

Connie Limon. Visit us at http://www.stainglassshihtzus.com and sign up for our newsletters. We provide adorable Shih Tzu puppies for pet or show in a variety of colors at reasonable prices



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