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How To Use Golf Training Aids To Get Rid Of Your Slice

Whack! Arrrrrgh! The erstwhile golfer groans as the ball dives impudently to the right into trouble, despite his best efforts to guide it to the left. This all too familiar scenario is played out over and over at golf courses across the country. Many golfers are stricken with that most dreaded of golf ailments, the vicious slice.

Likewise, most golfers don't know how to fix the problem so they do the intuitive thing, which is to line up their feet and shoulders to the left of the target. This only exaggerates the slice and leads to great frustration. As if the game of golf isn't frustrating enough already without adding additional difficulties.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. If you want to ditch the slice and improve your game, then consider adding a couple golf training aids to your practice routine. There are a large variety of training aids designed to help the average guy hit it straighter. So many, in fact, that it can be confusing finding ones that will actually help. I'll give you some tips here that will set you on the right path (pun intended) to getting rid of your slice affliction.

The first type of golf training aid you will need is a swing path device. Most slicers suffer from a nasty outside-in swing path. This means that the clubhead comes from outside the ball (away from the golfer's body) to the inside (closest to the body) at impact, cutting across the ball. This leads to both a loss of power and a tendency to slice.

To correct this problem, get a golf training aid that visually (or physically) shows you the correct path through the ball at impact, which is square to slightly inside-out. Some training aids have a foam device that the club will hit if you swing outside to in. This is great because it gives you instant feedback when you make a bad swing. Grove the inside-out swing path and you will be 90% of the way to getting rid of your slice.

The second golf training aid that can help get rid of a slice is a device to help you train the timing of your release. This is the point of the downswing at which the wrists release, snapping the club through the ball. The release point is important in generating clubhead speed at impact, and also in squaring the clubface.

If your release is late, then the clubface will be left open at impact, resulting in a fade or slice. Golf training aids for the release point are usually some type of shortened club with a device built in that 'clicks' when you release your wrists properly. This provides the instant feedback you need to time your release for impact.

Using these two types of golf training aids, swing path and release, you should straighten out your shots and add some yards as well. Good luck and happy hitting!

Submitted by:

Mike Gelhaus

Mike Gelhaus, once racquetball professional and published author for Racquetball Magazine, has turned his attention back to the game of Golf. With the use of golf training aids, he achieved a handicap of 3 only weeks before back surgery. Check out his site at http://the-best-golf-training-aids.com.


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