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Music Listening The Polite Way With Headphones

There seems to be an attitude of demanding personal rights without the corresponding responsibilities. There is no better example of this than in listening to music in a car. Many people throughout the years have played music at high volume levels. From the big muscle cars in the 60's to the high speed, tricked out compacts of today, there has always been a group that believed that good sound was loud sound. The good news was that simply rolling up the windows in your car quieted the sound to almost a whisper.

Today, we have personal music devices that include such things as the ubiquitous "boom box" to the very small IPOD. The IPOD has done much to quiet the noise level of society in that it's kept those who would crank up their music for everyones enjoyment to be more discrete. The listener has the benefit of the music as loud as he or she desires without disturbing anyone around them through the use of headphones. These are the little ear buds to professional grade headphones used in recording studios that filter outside noise and allow for a much cleaner sound environment. This is due to limiting outside noise thereby allowing the listener to focus on what they actually want to hear.

The absolute best type of headphones for these types of uses are noise canceling headphones. Noise canceling technology comes in two flavors, active and passive. A passive system uses insulation materials to keep out unwanted noise while active technology uses electronics to eliminate sound.

Active noise canceling adds sound to surrounding noise which cancels out the noise. We all know that sound comes in waves at certain frequencies. hence, the name sound WAVES! Active technology "listens" to the sound coming into the headphones then creates an exact opposite wave out with the result being ....SILENCE!

Put on a set of noise canceling headphones and the result is simply stunning. That is, stunningly silent! You really need to try a set of noise canceling headphones out to believe it. So if you just want the "sounds of silence" these headphones are for you, but what about music and sounds you would want to hear? The answer is that the noise canceling properties of the headphones are for ambient or surrounding noise. It's the outside noise from cars, or the drone of an aircraft engine that is canceled. The headphones also feature a jack for listening to music or other entertainment. This sound is sent directly to your ears for clear enjoyment without the distraction of the outside or environmental noise around you.

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Abigail Franks

Abigail Franks writes on a variety of subjects which include family, travel, and Home. For more information on Headphones visit the site at http://www.headphones.primo-living.com.


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