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How EFT Takes Care Of Money Worries

You have to live your life feeling deserving on all levels, across all emotional fronts, in order to attract what you want into your life. This applies to money, food, possession, anything in the physical world.

If, in a given situation, you are externally sending out the message �I�m not good enough�, but internally feeling like you deserve more, then you are setting up your own future frustration, when it doesn�t work out.

Or, if you are genuinely sending out the signal �I am good enough� but not living that on the other levels of your life, (like buying cheap food, budget products, etc) then you will still attract results that confirm the belief you�re not good enough. Your prevalent vibration across *all* aspects of your life is what you attract. So, clean up the not-good-enough vibration on internal and personal levels in order to get back from the universe on an external level.

If you are believing on some level, internally, �there is not enough�, then you are projecting in some way �I am not enough�. And, you are not necessarily going to generate enough of what you want from the universe if you *pretend* or artificially take on the attitude that there is enough, and suddenly start spending money in the outside world whilst simultaneously holding the internal belief that there isn�t enough. That�s just a fast way to the poor house.

So, you need to hold the same level of deserving beliefs in your outer behavior, in the actions that you do to generate income in, as you hold about yourself, internally. i.e. don�t *spend* money in the outside world, unless you are expressing �there is enough� & �I am enough� in your behavior that generates money *in*, from the external world.

So, how do we change those beliefs? A 3-pronged approach.

1) Begin consciously racking up as many experiences as you can in the physical world that will serve to convince your unconscious mind of your deserving. Deliberately and specifically CHOOSE what experiences you will do, in daily life, in the area of your life where you want to believe in yourself. This could simply be getting more experience in what you do in a low-pressure or voluntary capacity. Or, simply do less favors, and consciously go less out of your way to help others. It takes practice, but the little learnings add up. What else could you do in your daily life, what others ways of being are there, that would begin to convince you you�re worthy of your own time, energy, love?

2) Choose to consciously think differently about the experiences in daily life which might suggest to you anything other than your absolute deservingness. If someone doesn�t understand you, it�s down to their limited thinking. If you don�t perform as well as you�d hoped in something, it makes you more human, more likable (hands up everyone who likes perfect people?)

3) Apply EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to those experiences from which you learned your lack of deserving. What happened the last time you did feel deserving? What happened the last time you felt proud of yourself? When did you decide you weren�t deserving? Is it possible you might have mis-interpreted those situations?

This tiered approach is working on behavioral, environmental and identity levels of your self and will provide a powerful shift in your vibrational point of attraction.

Translation: you get more of what you want.

Submitted by:

Stewart Robertson

All content copyright 2008 EFT Scotland. Stewart Robertson BSc is Scotland�s commanding EFT Practitioner and the author of affordable and highly acclaimed EFT Training Software. His Running Start With EFT package is freely available to download here: EFT Tapping.


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