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3 Powerful Ways To Regain Control Of Your Health And Your Life

I'm all too familiar with the feeling of being STUCK, almost paralyzed, in my health process. Even though I know perfectly well what to do to feel better and eat better, I just sit there - pure inertia.

What prevents us from just getting up and doing what it takes to feel great?

Having pondered these and similar ideas rather obsessively for the last 15 years, I�ve got a few thoughts on the subject.

Generally our decisions to overeat, binge, and just get down-right lazy about health, are triggered by events or circumstances in our personal life and immediate environment. Perhaps it�s a communication upset, a loss of someone or something significant, feeling unproductive or without clear purpose. Sometimes there�s someone in our environment bringing us down. No matter what the circumstances, we cannot separate diet and food issues from our emotional situation or physical environment.

We can�t always predict when life is going to throw us a fastball. The point of power is in how we choose to react to the events and circumstances of our lives.

Here are three powerful secrets that can put you back in control:

1. Take a Walk

Sounds simple enough. But when you�re sitting in that moment of paralysis, it might feel like one of the biggest chores imaginable. You don�t have to strap on jogging shoes or make an event out of this. Don�t worry about giving yourself the pressure of gym memberships or yoga commitments. Just get outside and walk!

Honestly, few things will do more good for you than this simple trick. Break a sweat, boot it up a hill, and practice your buttocks squeezes while you�re at it.

No matter what state of mind you�re in, no matter what is going on around you, taking a walk is going to help. In fact, the worse you�re feeling, the more it will help. Not only will you feel better, but this will make a huge difference in your energy level and overall motivation.

2. Do a Detox

Food is a marvelously complicated subject, and one of the best things you can do to break that cycle of addictive food habits is to detox.

When you�re in an eating rut, taking a day to fast, followed by several days of cleansing raw foods and loads of fresh water makes a huge difference in energy levels, self-confidence, and, yes, it helps drop a few un-wanted, un-needed pounds.

3. Find a Supportive Community

Being a part of a community, a supportive environment, is vital to success. No one is an island, and there�s power in numbers. Being a part of a supportive community is going to offer you the companionship, sisterhood and support you�ve been looking for. Prepare for fun and success!

No matter what endeavor you�re undertaking, doing it with the support of a community, a buddy, a sister, is guaranteed to boost your results.

Submitted by:

Tera Warner

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