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5 Big Reasons To Get Smoking Cessation And Weight Loss Help

Are you putting off smoking cessation? You may think that if you smoke, the only disease that you are at risk of getting is lung cancer (isn't that bad enough?). Guess again.

Did you know that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease? The chemicals in cigarettes, cigarette smoke and other inhaled tobacco products cause:

* Decreased oxygen to the heart.
* Increased blood pressure and heart rate.
* Increase in blood clotting.
* Damage to cells that line coronary arteries and other blood vessels
* Hardening of the arteries

In addition, if you have one of the following diseases, and you also smoke, you are at increased risk of having either a heart attack or stroke:

* Obesity
* Diabetes (impairs circulation)
* High Blood Pressure (commonly referred to as hypertension)
* High Cholesterol (blocks arteries, including the arteries of the heart)
* Couch potatoism (otherwise known as a "sedentary lifestyle")

In short, any of the above diseases either cause your arteries to become clogged with plaque, or cause your heart to work harder to push blood (and thereby nutrients and oxygen) through your body. Now, assume that your heart is already working beyond its full functioning capacity, or struggling to do so. Then add the hardening of the arteries and other harmful effects of cigarette smoking. You, my friend, are begging to have a heart attack or stroke. Add to this being overweight, and your risk then increases even more dramatically. We are not talking about a few minor health problems. We are not talking about the small percentage of those that have a heart attack or stroke and survive, some with complications, such as paralysis (by the way, can you be SURE you will be part of that percentage? And why take the risk?). We are talking about potential death. From what? Cigarette smoking and your weight, both factors that are completely within your control.

At this point, diet and weight loss are not just important, but CRITICAL. Equally as critical is getting help with smoking cessation. Your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones (if you smoke around them, i.e. second hand smoke), is at risk.

Every pound you gain, every time you smoke cigarettes (either directly or indirectly), puts you at greater risk for disease. The more you put off smoking cessation, the more at risk you put yourself. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health. Some things about yourself you cannot change, such as your eye color, height, etc. Some things you do have control over: getting help to stop smoking is just one of these. Weight loss and a sensible diet are the others.

We make it easy to improve your health and feel good about yourself. Stop wasting time and learn from the experts.

Submitted by:

Marie N. Borges

Marie Borges is a motivational writer, author and healthcare consultant. She specializes in educating and motivating clients on good nutrition, health and wellness to improve overall health and happiness. To change your body for the better, receive free tips, recipes, articles and more, go to http://www.burn-your-fat.com


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