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5 Important Reasons To Choose Full Body Exercises For Toning - Articles Surfing

Full body exercises are the most effective exercises for achieving tone similar to that achieved by tri-athletes. Notice that these are the athletes who have the most trimmed, toned, sleek and sexy bodies. How did they achieve this level of tone all over their body? By using a full body exercise routine.

Although there are many reasons for using full bodyweight exercises, there are five main reasons for using full bodyweight exercises for toning.

1. Full body exercises are created to work at any fitness level to help you achieve tone

All fitness levels may use these types of exercises to tone. Those just beginning a full body exercise routine will quickly see results as well as find that most of the exercises are designed with them in mind. More experienced athletes will find that full body exercise allows them to adjust their exercise routine quickly and easily making it more challenging by simply changing positions, adding weights, or adding more complex exercises to their routine. No matter what your fitness level is, these exercises can help you achieve the results you desire.

2. Full body exercises create tone throughout the body or within specific groups of muscles
These exercises were created to achieve tone and fitness throughout the entire body. Tone by definition is a 'healthy elasticity to your muscles.' By using full body exercises the elasticity is created throughout your body, and not just in one specific muscle group. But an even more interesting reason for using full body exercises for toning is that they can easily be adaptable to work specific areas of the body, those troublesome spots for men and women such as love handles, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

3. Full body exercises used for tone also create a feeling of accomplishment and energy.

These exercises take only minutes to accomplish. However when you are done you feel accomplished because you have taken the steps you need to, in order to get the body you desire. But not only that, in just those few minutes of full body exercise your body has created the chemicals necessary for more energy for you throughout the rest of the day and each time you complete them you not only create tone, but more energy to achieve a better quality of life and more interest in future exercise.

4. Full body exercises for toning are convenient, easy and cost effective.

No fitness center, gyms, waiting in line to use equipment occurs when you use full body exercise to tone. No personal trainers or expensive equipment is necessary in your home or office. These exercises are without major expense and the only investment you need to make is your commitment to completing full body exercises on a regular basis to tone your body.

5. Full body exercises for toning are never boring.

The variety available in this type of exercise means no boredom, and without boredom you are more likely to begin and complete your workouts on a regular basis and even look forward to them. Many of the standard full body exercises have different variations, for example the push up has over 100 variations. DVD's, books, and working out with a partner can also increase the variety in full body exercises. With all those different ways to keep your exercise fresh and exciting you are more likely to continue it on a regular basis as well as enjoy it more. Your continued enjoyment in full body exercise makes it more effective in achieving tone by providing you with the incentive to continue your workout on a regular basis.

Using full body exercises for toning creates:

-a sense of accomplishment,
-time and money saving exercise routines,
-flexibility in routine,
-more energy,
-more enjoyment in exercise as well as life,
-more definition to your body, and
-a sleeker, sexier you.

Submitted by:

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is an internationally recognized health advocate, author & film consultant. He has helped thousands take control of their health naturally. To find out more about Full Body Exercises, and get a Free report "The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Toning" visit Renegade Bodyweight Exercises at http://www.RenegadeBodyweightExercises.com



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