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6 Tips For Staying Healthy For Life - Articles Surfing

In this article I discuss five ways for you to stay healthy. One way is to eat the right food. Another way is to exercise. Still other ways are not smoking, drinking in moderation or not at all, and mastering your emotions.

Staying healthy requires that you eat the right food. By the right food, I mean that you should eat lots of vegetables, fruit, fish, turkey, and chicken. You should avoid eating a lot of red meat. This means that should consist 95% of your diet. Five percent gives you the leeway to eat junk food such as fats, salts, and sugar. You must begin making eating right the rule and eating wrong the exception. One thing more: To insure that you are getting your daily requirement of nutrition, you need to take what I will call a health insurance pill, namely, a multi-vitamin everyday.

Staying healthy requires that you exercise regularly. This can be every other day or perhaps five days a week. How often you do it is completely up to you.. The important thing is that you do some form of exercise every week whether that is walking, running, swimming, or dancing. It's your choice. It can be for just 15 to 30minutes a day. I myself, for example, do 100 crunches and 50 or more push-ups'anaerobic (i.e. muscle building) exercise -- nearly every morning. In addition, instead of taking the car or train, I walk about 15 minutes to the train station on my way to work and I walk the same amount of time on my way home. Taken together, that amounts to 30 minutes of aerobic'continuous'exercise each day. Also, I stretch while waiting for the train and also at work for about 10 to 15 minute a day.

Staying healthy requires that you do not smoke. It reduces your oxygen capacity. Smoking leads to lung disease and heart disease. It threatens your very life support system. It could also be a social detriment due to its unpleasant smell.

Staying healthy requires that you drink in moderation or not at all. Bingeing or overindulging in alcohol, like smoking, leads to poor health. It leads to addiction, alcoholism, and liver disease. It, too, destroys your health and your life as well. Thus, if you are to maintain your health, you must not over-consume alcoholic beverages. Rather you must adhere to recommended amounts. In other words, if you are a man, you should, in the case of wine, consume no more than 2 glasses of wine a day, and if you are a woman, you should drink no more than a single glass a day. You should also limit your liquor or beer intake to a minimum, perhaps on occasion.

Finally, staying healthy requires that you learn to control your emotions. In life we are all faced with stressful situations and difficult people. When faced with such situations and people, we have to choose how we are going to respond to them. Are we going to allow these situations to stress us out, ruin our day, deplete our energy, get us bent out of shape, or destroy our health? Or, are we going to recognize that we have a choice as to how we react to such negative situations? One way that I deal with stressful situation as this is to tell myself to allow room in my life for, at least, one stressful situation or difficult person a day. That way when I encounter such a situation or person, I am prepared. I don't let myself be bothered because I already made room for it or him in my life. You, too, must do likewise if you are to maintain your health and not let negative emotions such as anger, hatred, sadness, or depression take over your life. By mastering your emotions, you are able to build up immunity when you encounter stressful situations and difficult people.

Staying healthy requires that you do the following things: eat right, exercise, not smoke, drink in moderation or not at all, and control your emotions.

Submitted by:

Dion Short

Dion Short is a self-empowerment teacher and trainer. His goal is to help people empower themselves in the areas of health, wealth, practical law, education, and security. If you wish to improve your knowledge and receive training in health, wealth, law, education, and security, Dion recommends that you visit: http://theshortwaytoselfempowerment.websitewizard.com



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