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Acid Reflux Pillow - A Great Solution For Acid Reflux Disease

Altering your lifestyle by sleeping with an acid reflux pillow can provide you with a brand new way to manage your disease by giving you control over the night. This is especially true if you are like the majority of acid reflux sufferers, who find the most common time their symptoms flare up is at night when they lie down.

When you lie down to sleep, acid is more likely to travel up your esophagus and into your throat. As a result of this natural effect of gravity, you may experience increased acid reflux just after bedtime when sleep can become elusive due to the pain from the acid.

If you do not lie completely flat, the acid does not flow upward. Traditionally, sleeping while partially sitting up is highly recommended by physicians as a means of treating acid reflux. Sitting in this position controls acid reflux by reducing the effect of gravity, and the flow of acid and food stops at the base of the esophagus just as it should. However, as you might guess, many sufferers find it difficult to sleep sitting up.

You, too, may find it challenging to find the ideal angle for deterring acid reflux during the night. A marvelous new invention, the acid reflux pillow can provide you with the optimum angle for sleeping without the usual pain that accompanies nighttime acid reflux so that you can get the rest you need.

The innovative wedge shape of the acid reflux pillow works by elevating your head higher than the rest of your body. Sleeping with your head elevated while you sleep naturally reduces the flow of acid up your esophagus. By sleeping at this angle, gravity keeps acid flowing naturally from your esophagus down to your stomach while you are once again enjoying a relaxing night�s sleep.

There is an added benefit is sleeping on such an incline. Sleeping in this position is reportedly good for your back, in addition to controlling reflux. Another advantage is that the acid reflux pillow has absolutely no impact on your partner�s sleep style. The bed remains level and your acid reflux pillow raises only your head.

Of course, since no other special equipment is required, nothing could be simpler than replacing your traditional pillow with a comfortable acid reflux pillow. With an acid reflux pillow, your memories of painful and sleepless nights will become the stuff of dreams.

Submitted by:

Tori A Hewitt

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