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Alcohol Abuse Effects-What Alcohol Does to Your Body and How to Break This Habit

Alcohol abuse effects are widespread and very dangerous for the alcoholic, which is why you need to be aware of them. Whether you are a loved one wants to stop drinking, it�s important to understand what�s at stake here so that you can be extra motivated to quit.

Some of the more common traits that alcoholism brings about are vomiting, depression, an inflamed liver, a yellow skin color, frequent illness, etc. there are many more symptoms, but the bottom line is, if you leave your alcohol problem unattended, you very easily could wind up with liver problems and failure down the road.

At this point, it�s usually too late, and it�s unfortunate how many people die because of not being able to control their alcohol problems. Of course, this doesn�t even take into account the many people that alcoholics can hurt by drunk driving, not to mention the affect on their family by always coming home drunk.

Therefore, getting treatment as fast as possible is not optional, it�s essential if you want to live a healthy life. The first thing I�d recommend to help you stop is to join a group that will hold you accountable, such as alcoholics anonymous.

There�s a reason this group is so adapt at helping people stop drinking-by coming together with other people who are trying to accomplish the same goal, it provides a tremendous amount of encouragement versus just trying to succeed on your own.

The statistics bare this out as well-the vast majority who attempt to stop drinking by themselves are unsuccessful. This is true of stopping smoking as well. Just having that human interaction during this process is vital, and should not be overlooked.

While joining AA should be enough in and of itself to help you stop drinking, I will provide some more tips that you can implement right away. First of all, knowing why you drink is essential to stopping, because it shows you the root cause of it.

While many treatment programs only focus on the physical aspect of alcoholism and how to reduce your cravings, this does nothing for the mental aspect.

Quite simply, almost certainly you started drinking as a method to help you deal with stress of some sort, and when you eliminate alcohol, it does nothing but leave a vacuum that will likely be filled by another bad habit.

However, if you understand why you began drinking (or any bad habit, for that matter) you can deal with it much more effectively.

This brings me to my next point: once you�ve joined a program and have begun to eliminate the drinking habit, it�s imperative you find something else to fill your time with. it doesn�t have to be anything fancy-just hiking, reading, or anything else that captures your interest and takes your mind of alcohol.

Hopefully this info on alcohol abuse effects will encourage you to stop drinking as quickly as possible and get your life back on track.

Submitted by:

Marcus Washington

Learn more info on alcohol abuse effects by visiting http://www.endsmokingandalcoholism.com, a popular site that teaches how to eliminate these bad habits once and for all.


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