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Back Pain: A Common Illness That You Don't Want To Have - Articles Surfing

Only ten percent of Americans have yet to experience back pain. The other ninety percent makes back pain one of the most common types of illnesses in the United States. And according to a survey among health and trade associations across the country, this condition also ranks high on the list of the most common excuses for work absences. If you are suffering from this ailment, you should consider visiting your doctor before the pain gets worse.

Nevertheless, back pain is not acknowledged as a disease itself. The excruciating pain that sufferers feel during a flare up of this condition is only part of the symptoms brought about by a wide variety of other diseases. So it is common for doctors to be unmindful of your back pain as they dig deeper into your overall health, looking for clear signs of other types of disorders.

Back pain is usually classified according to how long a patient has been suffering from it. You are suffering from chronic back pain if you have been languishing for more than one month. But if you are experiencing the same manifestation on your back for less than a month, you are merely having an acute back pain. Also, bear in mind that over half of all patients diagnosed with both chronic and acute symptoms experience flare-ups for more than one occasion.

Sometimes, during an attack, the pain may start off in other parts of your body only to continue and intensify on your back, particularly in the lower areas. Appendicitis, aneurysms, and other disorders that involve the organs located in your abdomen area can all direct pain to your back. For other patients, all their abdominal organs may be in tiptop condition, but still they suffer from severe back pain; if you are in this same situation, you have to watch out for the following defects:


This condition is basically caused by the narrowing of passageways. When you have stenosis in your spinal column, it means that the spaces between each disc have been severely tightened. This happens when the fluids that allow your spinal column to move smoothly have been drastically diminished. Just imagine how it would feel when the bone plates on your spine rub on each other without lubrication; well, there's one word for it: pain!

Herniated Discs

This can be the worst possible cause of your back pain. This condition is actually brought about by the deterioration of your spinal column. As your backbone becomes thinner, individual spinal discs begin to bulge or become herniated. When this happens, the bones on your spine can pry on your sensitive nerves and the next thing you'll feel is pain.

Typical Deterioration Of The Spine

This is one cause of back pain which nobody can escape. You see, as you age, the spinal column along with all the other organs of the body begin to degenerate and become corroded. For older people, simple activities like walking and even standing for long periods can result to stiffness and pain in the back. While you can not do anything about the aging process, you should always consult with experts so that you will prevent further complications to your back problems.

In reality, people who suffer from back pains that are caused by problems in the spine have a high possibility for improvement. In as short as two months, patients can see signs of progress or correcting of the tissues in the spine; and that's even without expert supervision. However, the same can not be said to patients whose back pains are due to old age or are symptoms of other diseases or complications.

If you have been suffering from back problems, the most important matter for you is how to reduce the pain or the stiffness. The best thing you can do is nourish your back with substances that can bring back much-needed fluids to your spine.

Submitted by:

Janet Martin

Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine http://www.thearticleinsiders.com.



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