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As busy individuals we often fail to acknowledge the fact that stress and your health are ultimately two faces of the same coin. One survives with the other and never without. Considering that we are existing in a fast-paced environment, stress can be felt in every faucet of our daily lives, it seems unavoidable. As stress and wellness are associated, you will begin to observe repercussions with your body if action is not taken to slow down.

Stress impacts your body in several distinguishable ways. When in throes of stress, you may begin to feel that you are emotionally, physically and mentally drained. These three imbalances could prove detrimental to your health, suffering from a myriad of symptoms including depression, migraines, high-blood pressure, and heart problems.

If you are like most individuals and stress is part of your day-to-day routine, then it is essential that you take care of your health to counterbalance the pressures that you feel on an on going basis. Awareness is the first step, try to carefully observe how your body responds to the many stimuli that produce those feelings of stress so that you can learn to stave off or minimize the potential negative effects on your body.

Many believe that working or existing under pressure makes them more stronger or even more efficient but this is definitely a falsehood in the long term. Our bodies have limits and eventually they will rebel, fight back and start to breakdown. It is a fundamental requirement to understand and carefully gauge your bodies limits before it is too late. This is one of the most common misfortunes, we tend not to acknowledge the importance of prevention until we or some one we love has suffered a devastating health set back.

Whether or not is apparent stress affects your mental, emotional and physical health; the good news is certain techniques can easily be applied to divert the potential damage giving your body the time to heal and recover. Relaxation techniques to keep your body balanced and healthy are easy and do not have to be time consuming. Sitting quietly and concentrating completely on your breathing for just five minutes a day can provide tremendous benefits. Meditation and music therapy has be proven to be beneficial when suffering from mental and emotional stress. The rhythm of certain sounds like nature (ie. birdcalls or waves) or simple instrumental songs can normalize your bodies natural bio-rhythm and restore peace and balance during bouts of stress.

When we slow down for just a moment, we all have the ability to feel if our body is worn out and starting to rebel. Changing your mental focal point from work to rest can do wonders for your fatigued body. Takes the time to go for a walk, coffee with friends, go for a massage or facial or watch a funny movie, any break in routine will help to give your body the chance to recover from the damaging effects of stress. Everyone gets enjoyment and peace from different activities or hobbies, make yourself a priority and make the time to incorporate them into your life.

A very efficient and often over looked stress reliever is physical exercise which improves your cardiovascular functions and improves the circulation of healthy chemicals and oxygen in your body. This will help your body fight the negative effects of stress and will strengthen your adaptability to your workload giving you an added boost of energy.

It is crucial to listen to your body. Take the small amount of time and effort necessary to help your body and mind unwind from the stresses of your daily routines. Integrating stress relieving activities into to your life will actually allow you to be more efficient and organized during your already busy schedules giving you a sharper mind, more restful sleeps and increased energy. Know the stressors in your life and learn to manage or avoid them.

Submitted by:

Katie Carwell

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