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Five Good Reasons To Love A Recession, Home Depot Coupons Not Withstanding

What do you think of when you hear the word recession? Ruin? Breadlines? Layoffs? Used cars? Repossessed homes? A mountain of Home Depot coupons? Everyone fears a recession, but believe it or not, a recession does not mean the end of the world as you know it. In fact, economists view a recession as a normal part of the naturally ebbing and flowing U.S economy. In the same way bulls become bears and hot markets turn cool, capitalist economies occasionally slow down, pause, and take the time to breathe.

The best way to deal with recession? Smile, hoist half-filled cups of regular unleaded, and think of the ten good things about the looming bad times. Here are five reasons you just might grow to love a recession.

1. There are shorter lines at the pump.

When the economy does well, Americans become gas hogs, furiously jockeying for their turn at the pumps. With recession pushing gas prices to an all-time high, trips to the station will become the perfect avenues for a little R and R. While you fill up, you can check the oil, enjoy a power nap, munch on chips while organizing your Home Depot coupons - yes, you can do all these before you can catch a glimpse of the next customer from your rearview mirror.

2. You can spend more time with the family.

Recreation is costly, and becomes even more so during recessions. What's the average American to do to cope with the hard times? Why, stay at home of course! You'll have to toss out fast-food and overpriced restaurant meals out the window and say hello to leisurely home dinners prepared with the family's help. You can put the husband to work cutting out Home Depot coupons while the kids wash the vegetables or set the table.

3. You exercise - whether you like it or not.

As gas prices rocket past the ceiling, expect alternative modes of transportation to gain more appeal. You'll be itching to hoof it to the bus stop, walk to the station, or ride a bike - all in an effort to save dollars. Solitary walks can be quite lonely, however, so keep yourself entertained by going over the Home Depot coupons you've amassed. Who knows? You might feel like dropping by the store for power tools on your way to work.

4. You become motivated to start your own business.

Disney and Hewlett-Packard have one thing in common: both were built from scratch during economic downturns. Clearly, recession is a good time to start your own business and become your own boss. During recession, rent is cheap, competition is few and far between, and wages are down because most people have gotten laid off and have nothing better to do than stay home and accumulate Home Depot coupons.

5. You get more coupons.

Companies offer more coupons, Home Depot coupons for one, during recessions. Restaurants fill their tables during hard times through buy-one, get-one offers. With Home Depot coupons and grocery discounts, you can enjoy more for less. Not a bad stimulus to keep the hard-up going, not bad at all.

Recession's scary, but if you face it with courage and good humor, the hard times won't seem so bad. Think of it this way: poverty purifies the soul (or so monks would have you believe).

Submitted by:

Becky Caulkin

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