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Age And Experience Can Really Mellow

Every time I revisit the 'eLf ideas' newslettersThat I used to make and distribute in the lateNineties and reread what I had written in those days,I can still smile at the ideas I was able toChurn out at that age and with having no formalBackground in writing; however, I now usuallyFind myself blushing in shame at the way IBrusquely expressed many ideas and views�oftenArrogant, couldn't-care-less, lots ofNeologisms, verbose rather than eloquent,Flamboyant rather than precise.

I even remember declaring in one article: "ThisIs my literary world, and you are just myPlatypi. I can do whatever I want; I can writeWhatever I think of. You can't do anythingBut read."

That now triggers goose bumps on my nape.The arrogance of Youth.The "I am an anarchist" stage of life!

But, age and experience canReally mellow people.

I'm glad I was given the chance to work in aPublishing company such as Diwa Scholastic Press Inc.,Where I realized that�more than expressing my viewsAnd "brilliant ideas" and writing with a bitIntent of impressing�being able to communicateFeelings and concern and knowledge in the mostSubtle and compromising way most oftenHits the goal.

I hope that I have indeed mellowed down and hadRather become calmer and more patient: no longerShoving, instead suggesting; expressing, notImpressing, contributing, not monopolizing;Clarifying, not concluding; offering, notImposing; and accepting and considerate, noLonger rejecting and indifferent.

I hope that the �I don't careWhat people say" rebel days have allBeen really gone.

Wency Cornejo was right after all:"You can't be so radical...."

I remember myself back those carefreeDays�whenever a jeepney or tricycle driverWouldn't give my fifty-centavo change, I wouldFlare up and confront the equally flared-Up guy just to get my well-deserved change,Ignoring the possibility of myself getting hitWith a pipe at the least.

Now, caught in the same situation�I wouldRather simply smile and walk away, believingThat the hardworking driver most likely deservesThe fifty-centavo better than I deserve it andAvoiding the possibility of a senseless death.

- Thursday, May 6, 2004;Surrey, British Columbia, CanadaWhile listening to "Next in Line" by After Image('Touch the Sun'; 1992, Dyna Products)

�2004 eLf ideas

Submitted by:

.aLfie .vera .mella

aLfie "eLf" vera mella was born in 1971 in Metro Manila, Philippines. He was a very inquisitive child who had shown fondness for reading and writing at an early age. He graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, but the literatus in him never left his heart. A true artist, eLf was the vocalist of a New Wave band, named Half Life Half Death, which served as the musical vehicle for his poetry. Before he left his beloved country in 2003, he was working as an editor of and writer for scholastic books and magazines. eLf is currently living in British Columbia, Canada, serving as a caregiver for his maternal grandfather. He may have left a well-loved work but for a noble reason, and he never ceased from doing what he loves most since childhood�writing. Virtually always home, he usually spends his solitary nights reading, researching, and writing about various subjects of his interest�chiefly, Culture, History, Literature, Mythology, Music, and Science�with New Wave music always lingering in the background like a gentle breeze on a quiet sea.A writer at heart, eLf started inditing his thoughts around the age of six; and he intends to continue documenting his feelings and ideas until his twilight./http://www.elf-ideas.blogspot.com


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