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Humor Articles Table of Contents Part 1 - ArticleSurfing.org

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10 Inspirational Quotes - "Life With Woody"
12 Goofy Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy in Today's Hazardous World
8 Reasons Why You Should Email Me One Dollar
About Time: Somali Woman Flogs Islamic Leader
According To News, Happiness Is No Longer Possible; World Too Crazy
Adventures in Wally (cash) World
Advice to King Dave of the Isle of Man
After Election Debate, Emergency Medics Labor To Uncross Hillary Clinton*' Fingers
Ahmadinejad Defends Iran’s “Inalienable Right” To Become A Nuclear Target.
Al-Qaeda In Hell, Or Allah's rprising Ingratitude
Al-Sadr And Ahmadinejad Hope Nobody Notices Their Clever Teamwork
Amnesty International Grants Stay Of Execution To Victims Of Terrorism
Anecdotes and the Sharp Wit of a Teacher Poet Thinker
"Angry Chicken" Disease Peril to Chicken Soup Industry
Angry People Get More Heart Attacks; Nice People Delighted
Anti-Humour - The New 'Alternative Comedy'?
Applause for the Jerk Drain!
Aye, Capt*'Bush, 'Tis Not Only The Storm But The Navigation
A Curious Contraception
A Deep Look at Soap Operas
A Humorous Bow Hunting Story
A Real Hajj Pajj
A Religion In Need Of Redemption
A Strange Occurrence at the Passing Sun
A Treasure Chest for People Who Love Funny Clothing
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (NY)
A World In Love With Jokes
A Young American Abroad
Bad Breath Terminology
Balloon Animals
Bashing the Opposite Sex
Bigamist Begs For Life Imprisonment;Seeks Escape From 40 Wives
Bin Laden’s Garden Of Earthly Frights
Bin Laden Dead Or Alive? Since Nobody's Sure, We Wrote Both Articles
Bin Laden Reevaluates Business Model
Bumper Stickers Make a Statement
Bush Claims Approval Rating At All Time High; His Wife Told Him
Bush Rows Upstream In Iraq, As In Up Niagara Falls
Carol Burnett Gets Desperate
Cartoons, Comedians and Congressman
Cashing the Czech
Celebrities Provide The Third Answer: Fame With Power
Cereal Killers Must Be Stopped
Chavez Bedevils Pres; Rangel To The Rescue
Chavez On US Oil Find In Gulf Of Mexico; Result Of Leak From Venezuela
Cheer-Leadership or "All I need to know about business I learned from Cheerleading"
Cheryl Crow Touches Carl Rove; Arm Falls Off
Chicago Criminalizes Foie Gras
Clever Golden Retriever, Toby, Performs Performs Heimlich Maneuver On Choking Owner
Clever Monkey Of The Week: Tony Blair, For saying *'ad anti-Americanism*'among European diplomats isn’t fair.
Clever Vladimir Putin Says He Won't Run For A Third Term
Comeback of the Mustache? I Don't Think So
Comedians Of Tomorrow
Communists Sell North Korea And Iran “The Noose To Hang Themselves With”
Compromised Positions
Country Lawn Maintenance - 10 Tips to Know Before You Mow
Coyote Excuses Predatory Behavior; Claims Was Molested By Cocker Spaniel
Crash Course on Wedding Crashing
Crime At Academy Awards: Gangster Movie Outguns Little Miss Sunshine
Cruise Takes A Bruise
Cuba Libre? Not Yet, Amigo! Castro Survives; Millions Mourn
Darwinism Gone Wild
Death to Fleas
Debate Opponent Knocks Hillary*'Looks; Surgically Removes Self From Contention
Demagoguery For Dummies: How To Convince People You’re A Saint,Despite Explosive Evidence To The Contrary
Democrats Urge George Bush To Run For Third Term
Depressed Rabbit Attempts Suicide
Dick Cheney*' Wartime Orphanage
Dispute Over Fish Oil Gets Smoky Hot
Diverse New Life Found In Pacific; Set To Take Over If Humans Blow It
Double Peppermint Schnapps on the Rocks
Drive Away The Monotony--Discover The Joy Of Fun Sites
Dunce And For All
Dying For Fame And Fortune
Easy Ways To Save Money & Abundance Revisited
Ebony and Greenery
E-Cards- The X-Age Medium To Express Your Emotions!
Eight Fired U. S. Attorneys Asked If Gonzales Should Stay
Enjoy These Useless Facts And Fun Trivia Questions And Answers
Eternal Wit
Even the Gods Laugh: How Humor Becomes Transformational
Everyday Events Now Make Halloween Night Seem Safe
Facing Defeat In War Of Words In Iraq, U. S. Launces Operation Thesaurus
Farewell To The World*'Favorite Croc Jock
Fashion Do's and Don'ts on E! TV -- No More Scrunchies
FDA Reconsiders Morning-After Pill, Now Renamed Marriage-After Pill
Feisty Candidates Spar for November 8th Votes
Female Muslim Sexologist On TV; Proves More Popular Than Al-Qaeda
Field Notes on Country Linguistics
Find a Reason to Smile More with Fun Sites
Foiled Again! The Attack Of The Citizen Killers
Form Of Argument Used By Terrorists Not In Aristotle’s Rhetoric
France and America Agree On An Issue; Both Nations Declare National Holiday
French Architect Solves 4,500-Year-Old Pyramid Mystery; Awaits Answer
French Youths Protest Pink-Slip Rule
Funny T-shirts - Give the Gift of Laughter
Fun Ideas For The Holidays
Fun with the Home Defibrillator / Aug 2006 Moron Of The Month Award
Genealogy Check Reveals Al Sharpton Related To Donald Trump
General Motors Finds A Way To Use Solar Power Even When It Can’t Afford To Install It
George Bush's crets to Better Golf
George Bush Finally Discovers Foreign Intrigue
Global Warming Update: Eskimos Spot First Palm Tree
Going Bonkers With Baubles, Berries & Bells
Going Public
Good News! George Bush May Run For Third Term
Great Wall Of China To Be Repaired With Lead-Tainted Toys
Halloween Takes A Hit; Ghosts And Vampires Are Now Scientifically Impossible
Halloween Tricks for Trick or Treaters
Happily On The Evil Side
Hassan Nasrallah Destroys Own Country; Hailed As Hero
Have Simple Labels Gone Out The WIndow?
Hell Is Hot But It Isn't a Bad Place To Live
Hezbollah And Hamas Regret Self-Destructive Behavior; Plan To Build Own Wailing Wall
Hezbollah Stars In Middle East*'First Polish Joke
Hillary Clinton Loses Patience; Demands Own Resignation
Hi! I'm a Happy Axe Murderer!
Holy Shiite! Anti-American Demonstration in Baghdad
Home Business Mobile Disco - Quick Before We Get Locked In
How and When To Make Humour at Work!
How President Garfield Died; Or Being Grateful For Modern Medicine, Despite The Cost
How Time Flies When I Am In A Hurry
How To Cope When You Are Surrounded By Idiots
How To Get Even With Starbucks!
How To Name Your New Baby
How To Write Funny Ideas
Idiotic Human Behavior Traced To Greenhouse Gases
If Embryos Could Talk
If I threw an Armegeddon, Would Anyone Show?
Improv Comedy for Speakers
Iranian Kook Rejects Nuke Rebuke, Despite Fluke
Iranian Woman Is First Female Space Tourist; Agrees To Wear Spacesuit
Iran Continues To Star As The Mouse That Roared
Iran May Become 51st State. Only Safe Way To Get Nukes.
Iran Provides “Multifaceted Response” To UN: Launches Ten Missiles
Islamic Woman Nabbed For Wearing Belt Made Of Live Crocodiles
Israel Weighs Recognition of Palestine*' Right To Exist
It's Not My Fault....Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?
I Live in a Hundred Years Old House!
Jest Practices: Best Practices for Humor in the Workplace
Joe Lieberman Loses Democratic Primary; Republicans Celebrate
Judgment Of Iranian Leaders Kidnapped
Jumping Ship
Just Say No To Sex; Dr. Coburn Shows You How!
Kindly Mother Goose Gets Hit by Merger Mania
Kofi Annan, The Middle East Repairman; Can His Handiwork Keep The Peace?
Labels That Brink On Silliness
Lady Macbeth Just Won*'Make Her Exit; Now She*'s Syndrome
Land of the Rising Gas
Laugh and the Work World Laughs With You
Laugh! It's the British Raj (Book Review)
Let's Associate With Funny Stuff
*'isey's ory” By Stephen King: A Romance Just In Time For Halloween
Lizard Induced Schoolgirl Screams
Lose Your Job Now: 5 Tips to Get to Severance Heaven
Magical Yahoo Readings
Mahmoud And The Talking Camel
Make War As Make Nice; Israel*'Commendable But Costly Military Tactic
Male Frogs Becoming Female; Female Frogs Object
Malice In *'Wonder Who I Am*'Land
Microsoft Introduces Zunetti. The First Music Player You Eat.
Mike Wallace, The Clever Monkey of the Week, attempts to increase interest in an interview by calling the madman of Iran *'mpressive”
Mixers, Pinatas and Other Illegal Items
More Good News About Booze
Most Toilets Flush in E-Flat: Chewing the Fat on a Useless Fact
Mountain Lion Attacks Son. Dad Attacks Mountain Lion.
Much too Grand of a Story for Us Now
Music Biz Ails; Columbia Hires Canary As Consultant
Muslim Women Prepare Undercover Rebellion; Use Internet To Order Bikinis
My Life Would Be Carefree, If It Wasn't For MySpace
Netflix Informed About Movies On Demand; May Stop Mailing DVDs
NewsLaugh's Clever Monkey of the Week: King Abdullah -- For OK, If Obvious, Talk In A NO-K Time
New Books About Science And Religion: Same Old Arguments, So Here*'s New One
New Book About End Of Life On Earth; Skips Beginning Of It
New Bush Tactic On *'ay The Course” In Iraq: *'n’t Say It; Just Stay It.*'
New Cosmetic Surgery Provides Eyelashes You Can Perm
New Government Study Fails To Locate Mexicans Who Know What A Ladder Is
New Microsoft Achievement:Making Even Norton And McAfee Feel Insecure
New Study Shows The Good Life May Be The Short Life
New Surgeon General*'Warning: Caution: Eating Spinach May Be Hazardous To Your Health
New Work List For The Human Race; Given Our Current Work Habits, We Sure Could Use One
New York City is the Center of the Universe
New York Is The Safest Big City; Now, That*' Scary.
Nifty at Fifty
Noam Chomsky Gets A Bestseller The Incriminating Way
Nobel Prizes Awarded; Alfred Nobel Excluded
Normally We Do … But Not Today
North Korean Says, *'orry. Please, Pass The Collection Basket”
North Korea Throws Nuclear Tantrum; Cries For More Monetary Milk



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