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Humor Articles Table of Contents Part B - ArticleSurfing.com

10 More Silly Lorry Stories!
25 Reasons You Might Need To Wear A Welding Helmet
4 Tips To Know When You Need To Find A Plumber
Adventures In Wally World
Adventures In Wally World--The Saga Continues
Al-Qaeda In Iraq Announces New Leader. Or Do They?
August Arcana
Autosurfs - Visit Websites To Make Cash: Real Or Not
A Bomb For A Bomb And A Rocket For A Rocket; What Hath Terrorism Wrought But A New Code Of Hammurabi
A Christmas Of Good Intentions
A Condom By Any Other Name
A Conference Call Guide For The Jekylls And The Hydes
A French Teacher's Memories: First Day At School
A Funny Story- Who Stole My Curry?
A Lawyers Favorite Lawyer Jokes
A Little Guy On Wheels
Baby Boomers Moderate Exercise; Notice Scarcity Of Seniors In Marathons
Bathroom Palacial
Bin Laden Releases Another Audiotape: Hideout Too Dark For Video
Bin Laden Sighted In Karachi; May Turn Self In
Birds Of A Feather
Boo! Top 10 Scariest Travel Destinations
Call Of The Mall--The Seasons Of Shopping
Chinese Leader Visits U. S. Shops For Sneakers
Comedy Podcasts
Come Out With Your Checkbook Open
Conversation In An Age Of Confusion
Cow Bell Resort
Critical Humor
Culinary Challenge From Fun Trivia
Cut Your Smoking - But Not In Half!
Demagoguery For Dummies: How To Convince People You're A Saint, Despite Explosive Evidence To The Contrary
Diary Complaints
Dick Cheney Enrolls At Dale Carnegie; Updates Curriculum
Diving For Treasure In My Own Living Room
Down To Earth
Drumsticks Along The Tabletop
Environmental Link Creates Kitchens Of Tomorrow ' Creating The Eco-friendly Home Appliance
Europeans Press Iran; Present Cartoon Of Bombs Dropping On Nuclear Plants
Exclusive Interview With Santa Claus
Exploring Comedy Groups
Fatherhood According To Larry
Father's Day Jokes That Will Bring A Smile To Dad's Face!
Finding The Right Joke To Tell
Five Minutes
Fly The Friendly Skies
France Attacks Iran: U. S. And Britain Object
Free Online Trivia Game Questions
Free Online Trivia Questions And Answers -- Hurray For Holland Trivia Quiz
Free Online Trivia Questions -- Hurray For Holland Trivia Quiz
Free Trivia Questions And Answers: For The Birds
Funny Things We Dream
Fun Online Trivia Game Questions And Answers
Gas Prices Go "Gas-Tronomical!"
Get Outta Here!
Going Fishing For Trivia
Gossip: What People Say About It
Go Figure
Great Practical Jokes To Play On Your Friends
Halloween Howler
Happy Trails, America! But Where Are They?
Hey Fatso
Hispanic Immigrants Demonstrate; "Illegal" Not In Spanish Dictionary
Holiday Humor
How A Head Cold Got Me Married
How A Head Cold Got Me Married -- Short Version
How to Ask Your Parents For Money (And Get Rejected Fast!)
How To Avoid Overeating
How To Be A Modern-Day Fictional Heroine
How To Tell When You've Been On Too Many Cheap Holidays In Spain'
Humorous Thought For The Day - How I Write Funny Lines On A Daily Basis
Humor Ability To Apply Humor To Any Situation
Humor Used By Comedians
I'll Get Up In Just A Minute
Independence Fever
Interesting Facts And U.S. Presidential Details
Interesting Facts: Scare Crow Trivia Questions
Iraqi Insurgents In Secret Talks; Admit May Be Fighting Wrong Enemy
Irish Eyes
Israeli-Hezbollah Conflict Moves To Center Stage; Insurgents In Iraq Strike Back
Italian Man Asks Wrong Question About Christ; Court Agrees To Hear Case
I Hope You Kept The Receipt
I Was Just In The Middle Of A Dream
Jimmy Hoffa Continues To Evade FBI
Jokes, The World's Best Medicine
Just Horsing Around
Learning From Mistakes: Terrible Superhero Costumes
Life Insurance - A Funny Story
Lighter Side: 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Roommate
Lorries In The Limelight
`luuuv Butts...!
Marriage And Parenting
Mexico Solves Immigration Problem; Becomes Part Of China
Montana People: Weird In Their Own Special Way
Movie Stars As Sources Of Wisdom
My First Trip To Destin Florida
Need A Hobby?
Not Me
Oil Exploration Update: U.S. To Play Catch-Up With Cuba
On The Road Again -- A Middle-Aged Couple Try Mountain Biking
Pat Robertson Confesses! God Upset With Him; Tells Him He Lost His Mind
Peanuts Aren't Really Peanuts ' "A" Doesn't Equal "A"
Political Humor: Are You A Dittohead?
Puffy Wet Lips
Road Trip
Rumsfeld Appoints Self Retired General; Rushes To Own Defense
Rush Limbaugh Humor: 2 Adult Beverage Recipes Any Dittohead Will Love
Russia Defends Iranian Nuke Program; Considers Position Good Customer Service
Saddam Hussein Seeks Mcdonald's Francise
Santa Is Always The News
Scary Movie Trivia Questions And Answers
Sea Dog's Message In A Bottle
Send Free Prank Email For Free
Senior Ticked For Walking Too Slow; Others Try Roller Skates
SEO - Article Marketing Is Out - Link Baiting Is In
Sex, Stalking And NLP Training
Show Me The Money
Simply Bad Life Tips
Smart People Say Stupid Things Too!
Songwriter Confessions #1
Songwriter Confessions #2
Spy Camera Glass: A Camera In Your Cornea
Squat Toilets Are Not Meant For Women Over 30!
Stopping Bad Breath Bart
Strange Goings On Over At Ebay
Superstitious? Not Me, Touch Wood
Sweet Free Trivia Question And Answer Fun
Talk About ... Me
Tax Jokes And Quotes
Tax Quotes And Jokes For Tax Season
Techniques For Connecting With Humor
The Day My Computer Died
The Elements Of A Good Funny Video
The Embarrassing Incident With The Volvo Keychain
The Family Bed
The Farting Contest
The Final Justification For Pleasure
The Fine Line Between Strategy And Luck: Pro Battleship Tour
The Headless Horseman Of Mass Media: Information Everywhere, Philosophy Nowhere
The Illogical Puppet Of Iran: Any Chance Of Getting The Little Guy A Better Script?
The Infamous Donut - Make Your Mark
The Invention Of Sex; An Eyewitness Account - First Half Of Part One, "The Invention Of Everything"
The Invention Of Sex; An Eyewitness Account - Second Half Of Part One, "the Invention Of Everything"
The Invention Of Water And Air Creatures; Second Half Of Part Six, The Invention Of Everything
The Middle Of Nowhere (Can You Find It On A Map?)
The Practicality, Value And Durability Of White Pine Furniture
The Six-Year-Old Truck Driver
The Topless Cpa
The Twelve Days Of Spyware
Top 10 Reasons To Be In Love
Trivia Questions And Answers By A Trivia Break
Trivia Questions And Answers: U.s. Presidential Details
Trivia Teaser Online: Free Trivia Questions And Answers
Ugly Fabric
Under A Cuban Moon
Useless Facts And Fun Trivia Questions And Answers
U.S. Ends Oil Dependency; Turns B.S. Into Fuel
Vitamin Supplements In A Liquid World
Weather And Latitude Are Not Allies
Western Leaders Release Video; Urge Muslims To Convert
What Is Wordpress
Where's There's Three
Who Will I Choose?
Winter Wonderland Trivia Quiz
World's Top 10 Silly Lorry Stories!
You're An Animal!



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