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Humor Articles Table of Contents Part 2 - ArticleSurfing.org

| Part 1 |

Oil Update From BP: A Bear Ate The Pipeline
OK, The House Is On Fire. Which One Do You Save First -- The Baby, The Old Testament, The New Testament, Or The Koran?
Old Man Potomac, He Just Keeps Rollin' Along
Omnipotent Weapon Enlisted To Halt Nuclear Proliferation: The Almighty Dollar
On Bullshit. Princeton Professor Publishes Lowdown Analysis
Oops, Almost Forgot We're At War
Opposite Attracts Laughter!
Oui, Monsieur, The French Are Not Immune; Si, Signore, Even The Pope Must Do The Rope A Dope
Our Baby: The Grap
Pardon Me, But I Thought Free, Freebie, No Cost, Free Download As Well As Many Others, Meant Just That!
PBS Fires Cinderella; Calls Display Of Bare Foot Scandalous
Playwrights Give Critic Bad Review
Please, Don't Make Me Take A Vacation
Politicians Now Have Clean Hands; Rectitude Not Required
Poll In Iraq Proves It's Hard To Be Grateful When You're Being Blown Up
Pondering the Important Issues
Preacher Gets Religion; Is Overcome By Tolerance
Prehistoric Camel Found At Wal-Mart Dig
Presidential Prospects of John Kerry Not Very Merry
President Of Iran Orders Language Cleansing: Pizza To Be Renamed "Elastic Loaf."
President Of Iran Questions Iran's Right To Exist
Prime Minister Of Iraq Visits Washington; Promises To Buy New Shaver
Queen Exiled to Italy!
Queen Finds An Intruder!
Quick Question: Does God Advocate Murder?
Reminisce and Have Fun With Refrigerator Magnets
Return to Eden; It is Not What we Remembered!
Richard Gere Gone with the Wind of Shilpa Shetty
Riddles That Make You Smile
Rural Relocation ' Considerations and Adjustments
Russell Peters ' A Comedy style that creates the newest Cultural Laugh-In. Laughter the Best Medicine Especially Laughing at Yourself
Saddam Hussein's Defense Attorneys Admit Genocide But Insist It's OK
Saddam Hussein Seeks Mcdonald's Franchise
Scientists Discover Earthlike Planet; Hope The Civilization Is More Advanced
Scientists Discover Oldest Skeleton Of Human Ancestor; Report Face Looked Like Hugo Chavez.
Self Help Guide: How To Avoid Self Help Guides
Selling Like Hotcakes? Tickle My...
Senate Approves New Legislation Aimed At Interrogating Itself
Senate Offers Outlet For Bipartisan Feuding: Will Install Boxing Ring
Senate Wonders If New Kind Of Warfare Requires New Rules; Forgets How Colonists Picked Off Redcoats
Senator Craig Re-Explains Upturned Hand; Says He Was Panhandling
Should I Shop Online Or Offline? A Shoppers' Guide
Similarity Breeds Comedy
Social Security And The Mystery Of The Missing Boomer FICA Payments
Some of the Humorous Latest Sardar Jokes
So You Wanna Have a College Degree Do Ya??
Special Delivery! Tips for Improving Your Humor
Squirrel Meat - Delicious but Deadly?
Strategic Thinking: Don't Buzzword-Phrase It!
Study Determines Reading NewsLaugh Helps You Live Longer
Suicide Bomber Arrives At Entrance To Paradise At Same Time As Victims
Survey Shows Americans Not As Polarized As Politicians And Newscasters
Sweet Trap
Swift Bank To Comply Slower
Ten Things To Worry About And Ten Not To Worry About; Let's Make A List
Thank You For Your Patience
"They" Are Finally Revealed
The American Umpire. Conducting The American Empire In A Way That's As Fair As The Calls In Yankee Stadium.
The Article About Nothing
The Awesome 80's
The Bum's Jacket
The Bus Trip
The Clever Bluegill Sunfish: It Can Detect Toxins In Water Better Than A High-Tech Wonder
The Clever Florida Manitee Plays Dumb While Being As Smart Or Smarter Than Dolphins
The Complete Melodious Mo And A Way To Go
The Eat Less Diet
The Food Pyramid
The Gingerbread Nightmare
The Girl of Friday
"The God Delusion" By Richard Dawkins. Philosophical Fiddling While Rome Burns
The Invention of Details, With A Final Q & A Period;The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Invention of Details, With A Final Q & A Period - Second Half;The Invention of Everything
The Invention Of Land; An Eyewitness Account - Part Two of The Invention of Everything
The Invention of Land Creatures; Part Seven of The Invention of Everything, Second Half
The Invention of Land Creatures; Part Seven, The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Invention Of Sex; An Eyewitness Account Part One of The Invention of Everything
The Invention Of The Sky: Part Four of The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Invention Of The Sky, Second Half of Part Four, The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Invention of Water And Air Creatures; Part Six, The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Invention Of Water; Part Three of The Invention of Everything, An Eyewitness Account
The Nanny ' Content Review
The Perks of Global Warming
The Reptire
The Secret to Golf Length
'The Subconscious Diet' Can Help You Get Rid Of Negative Habits!
The Superior Mind -- Man vs. Mouse
The Worst Article Ever Written
This Week's Driving Tip: It's Not If The Cops Are There. It's Where Are They?
Three Turban Monte; Bush And Rumsfeld Find Themselves Playing A Real Sucker's Game
Time For America To Bring Down The Curtain On The Ballet Frankenstein
Timothy Ward's Great Coloring Book Rebirth
Tony Blair - Perhaps The Cleverest Monkey On The World's Political Stage
Tony Blair Sends Nick Faldo and Posh Spice for British Sailors
Tony Blair To Resign As British PM; May Run For US Vice President
Top 10 Ways To Fail Your Driving Test
Top 40 'Things Said On Christmas Day' - EVERY Year!
Toyoto Becomes Number One Car Company; Thanks General Motors
Toyoto Introduces The Toy: The First Pedal Car For Adults
Tuna Safe - Thongs in a Can
Twisted Humor; Socks won't cover this up!
Uncle Sam's Shaky Transition To Empire; Having The Right Strategy Should Would Help
Unloved In Iraq: George Bush Gets Jilted For Another Shiite
Urgent Search For New Islamic Sect, Called Smiley Muslims
USO Sending Paris Hilton Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to Iraq
US Missile Defense Intercepts Seagull; Cheney Present As Backup
U. S. May Become Nonaligned Nation; Cites Worldwide Ingratitude
U. S. Population Reaches 300 Million; Wow, That's A Lot Of Lovemaking!
U. S. Seniors Retiring To Iraq; Say That's Where The Medicare Money Is.
Venezuela Becomes Leading Arms Purchaser; Hugo Chavez Now Looks Like King Crab
Very Clever Mozart: For not having Mohammed's head in the original production of Idomeneo
Viking Trekkies
Viral Video Quickly Becoming Its Own Genre
Warning: This Article Is A Waste Of Time
Washington Madam Names Clients; Who's Next?
Watching the NFL versus the MLB
Welcome Aboard, Chief Justice Roberts
Western Leaders Release Video; Urge Muslims To Convert To Islam
What? An Iranian With A Good Thought In His Cranium?
What Guys Really Want For Christmas!
What If Everybody Promised Not To Kill Anybody For Just One Day?
What If The Most Powerful Nation On Earth Was Iran?
What is Islamic Behavior? Generally, How Islamic People Behave
Why Are The Most Successful Electric Cars On Mars?
Why IS it that... I'd like to cleaver June Cleaver?
Will Brokeback Mountain Bring New Jeans Fashion Awareness For Gay Jeans?
Wind Power Gets Big Boost: Politicians Agree To Direct Speeches At Turbines
Winning Ways at Interviews
Woodward Publishes New Expos': Names Secret Source 'Deep Tragedy'
World Chess Championship Literally Goes Down The Toilet
Would You Kiss My Dog?
You're Not On Mute, You Know
Your Holiday To-Don't List: Key to Surviving Obsessive Giving Disorder
You May Be In Love If ...
Zen And The Art Of Writing



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