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French Youths Protest Pink-Slip Rule

French Youth, concerned about a new law that would permit employers to fire people, without an explanation, within two years of being hired, continued to stage widespread protests against the reform measure.�The bill, which is intended to encourage employers to hire somebody once in a while, was viewed as a threat to job security as it has prevailed since the triumph of the socialists in the 1960s.�The issue took an altogether unexpected turn when a Danish wrecklessly newspaper referred to the much-feared firings in France as pink slips.

The reference, which was actually made as a playful pun on French couture, ignited a surprising and unprecedented outcry among the French.�Young men in Paris and across the rest of the nation, taking the Danish wordplay seriously, were demonstrating, waving banners saying such things as, �No Pink Slips!� and "Black And White Forever!"

They insisted that they need to know for certain what a woman has on her mind when she puts on a slip, so they can expect that, once a relationship with her has been established, it cannot be terminated, within the first two years, without an explanation.

The youths are adamant, even in fashion-conscious Paris, in their determination to keep every slip black or white.�They insist that when a woman wears a black slip, there can be no doubt about what she has on her mind, so they can proceed with their romantic advances without being uncertain about the outcome.

On a similar note, if she dons a white slip, they may infer that she does not wish to invite them to a feast of physical delight, unless, of course, she gives them some kind of explanation.

But how is a youth to know what a woman has on her mind when she presents herself in a pink slip?�Does she intend to be seductive or is she merely being cute?

A counter-demonstrator, who maintained that he was a hugely unpopular professor at the Sorbonne, contended, �The idiots appear not to have learned the lesson the communist bloc learned about slips in general � that young men with amorous intentions do not create slips.�They may, if they happen to be fortunate, get to enjoy them.�

He went on to say, �This misperception can be traced to the egregious but generally ignored flaw in Marxian economic theory.�In his concept of surplus value, he failed to allocate appropriate value to the capitalist who risks his money to start a factory and thereby create jobs the workers are then able to take. I state this shortcoming much more clearly in my most unpopular work, called Economic Truth, Take It Or Leave It.�In it, I actually come right out and say, �Workers of the world do not create jobs; they take them � that is, if they�re lucky enough to find jobs.��

He concluded by saying, �This analysis does, of course, apply to the pink-slip controversy, because Marx attempted to assign undue value, not only to those who only sew them together, but to those proletarians who are able to enjoy them, whether it is the female proletarian who wears one or the happy male worker who may be invited to remove it."

Submitted by:

Tom Attea

Tom Attea, creator of Newslaugh.com, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway and has written comedy for TV. Critics have called his writing ""delightfully funny" and "witty" with "good, genuine laughs."


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